Red Dot for LO Guard

LO Guard, Lista Office LO’s new three-in-one storage system, is already winning awards – most recently, the Red Dot Design Award

LO Guard, a secure and spacious storage system, won the award in the Product Design category. The Red Dot Design Award is judged by an international jury and is a recognised hallmark for quality. Lista Office LO is delighted that the superb product design of its storage system has been singled out in this way. The Red Dot label will help establish awareness for the quality of our products and solidify the Lista Office LO brand as synonymous with superior design. We extend hearty congratulations to everyone involved.


The winning product: LO Guard

The new three-in-one storage system, LO Guard, features clothing lockers, lockable boxes and storage lockers combined in a single system. Personal items, valuables, business documents and jackets all have their place. There are six different locking systems keeping your property secure. Lista Office LO’s new storage system can optionally be installed to be used from both sides. The insides of the doors and the storage areas are all configurable to custom requirements. In addition, individual lockers can be supplied with electricity to keep devices charged (European CEE 7/3 or Swiss-style T13 socket, optionally plus USB A/C). Height variations meld into an office ‘skyline’ to match the needs and personalities of your team, just as any city is instantly recognisable from its skyline. This novel three-in-one storage system was dreamed up, designed and produced in Switzerland: “Swiss-made” quality is guaranteed. Turn your requirements into a design! The product configuration tool on the Lista Office LO website will help you. LO Guard for the next chapter in a power office.

LO Guard was developed in collaboration with Zurich-based design studio greutmann bolzern and is made in the company’s own production facilities in Degersheim and Arnegg. The materials and design have been carefully selected to help protect people and planet in the long term, while guaranteeing the company’s high standards of quality and security.

The evaluation process:

Every year, the “Red Dot Award: Product Design” launches anew the search for remarkable design performance and innovative products. An independent panel of experts then meets to decide on the winners. This year, the Red Dot Jury was comprised of 48 individuals from 23 different countries. Each member contributed their own design expertise, accumulated through university careers, consultancy, interior design, journalism, etc. The team of jurors carefully studied and assessed every entry. The products are not considered comparatively: each one is judged separately on its own merits.

Quote from Peter Zec, CEO of Red Dot, following this year’s competition:

„One thing that really stood out for me this year was the astonishing creativity in the selected products. It’s incredible that it’s still possible to come up with fresh designs, with form and functionality that continue to astound our jurors. I have nothing but praise for the winners. It is clear that design and creativity are not stagnating or constrained despite challenging circumstances. Indeed, just the opposite seems to be true: new ideas and concepts are constantly being born, and novel futuristic technology is being developed. It’s the fact that the quality of the products matches their originality that has earned these products the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022.“

LO Guard online and in the yearbook

On June 20, Lista Office LO's winning product will be presented in the online exhibition on the Red Dot website. The Red Dot Design Yearbook 2022/2023 will be published in July 2022.
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