Meetings at a different level. LO D11 now also available in standing height.

LO D11

Timeless compositions with the new Lista Office LO colors. Get inspired by the new world of colors.

Worlddidac Award for the smart connection system Click & Meet

Worlddidac Award for the smart connection system Click & Meet

LO presents the brand new table family: LO Merge

LO Merge

New: LO Home Solutions. Discover our solutions for your home.

World of home
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LO Next

The room divider and shelving system from Lista Office LO injects individuality and dynamism into every office. The furniture system structures open spaces, defines all zones, can be adapted to any need, is accessible from both sides and can be extended in a matter of moments. Taking strong offices to the next stage: LO Next.

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LO Extend

Keep flowing amidst the ups and downs of office life. Move body and mind freely in the office – for maximum productivity. The new generation of premium sitting/standing desks from Lista Office LO will take your success to new heights. Add new dimensions to your office with the flexible LO Extend desk and table family.

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LO Pure

Standing, sitting and moving: the more dynamic our workplace, the more successfully and healthily we work. Experience freedom of movement in its purest form. With a sitting/standing desk that’s been reduced to the essentials, yet still impresses with ingenious details and outstanding value for money: LO Pure.

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60,000 reasons for Lista Office LO

On average, workers in Switzerland spend 60,000 hours of their lives at their workplace. That’s a lot! And that’s why our designers and engineers pour their energy into making your workplace the best environment possible...

Respecting mother earth and our natural resources

Ecological sustainability is part of our nature. That’s why we manufacture our office furniture here in Switzerland, in modern production facilities using sustainable materials.

Jobs & Career

Are you looking for a role where taking responsibility, initiative, commitment, and powerful teamwork are woven through everything you do? Do you want to be a mover and shaker in a forward-looking business? Then join our team.


Showroom LO Neuchâtel

In the midst of nature: LO’s new showroom in Neuchâtel features interior elements designed to bring nature directly into the office – a pillar with greenery clinging to it; lamps in the shape of lightning bolts. A framework of wood, stone and glass highlights the natural elements to best effect. LO Neuchâtel has created a holistic setting for its furnishings: a truly live demonstration of how a workplace can engender a sense of wellbeing.

Showroom LO Liechtenstein

Six hundred square metres of Bauhaus-inspired designs await visitors to LO Liechtenstein’s new showroom in Triesen (FL). With timeless classics featuring functional design and geometric shapes, furniture blends with art and modern technology to fuse into a harmonious whole.

Showroom LO Fribourg

Interior design elements shaped like clouds or a bolt of lightning combine with plants, wood and concrete to bring nature right into the office in LO Fribourg’s new “live” showroom, where the office furnishing experts demonstrate how furniture can be not just displayed, but staged.


Recently, the Touring Club Suisse (TCS) centralised its administrative headquarters at a site in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Some 530 employees who were previously spread over six locations have now moved into the newly built offices in Ostermundigen. Lista Office LO guided TCS through the planning process and supplied virtually all the furnishings for the new offices.

Swisscom, Rotterdam

Lista Office LO has been working with Swisscom since 1988 as an office equipment supplier. This lengthy partnership has fostered a win-win situation with positive dividends for efficiency, productivity and – last but by no means least – happy employees at their attractive desks.

Lista Office LO

Lista Office LO has given the offices at its own Arnegg site a complete makeover. Just as they would for any customer project, the specialist office outfitters came up with a design optimised to the needs of the people using the space. AG

Zubischuhe’s new offices have all the flair of a start-up. The stylish new workplace pairs wood with pristine geometric lines, and the open-plan layout is a perfect fit for the company culture.

Bauwerk Parkett

Out with the old, in with the authentic: Bauwerk Parkett’s new office brings the company’s values to life, with open communication and 450 m2 of parquet flooring.


Where everyday routine becomes brand communication. In the new offices of Sunrise, architecture, furnishings and processes now go hand in hand – creating surprising interactions.

Cantonal Hospital of

During the course of extensive new construction and expansion measures, the St.Gallen Cantonal Hospital decided to have the wardrobe problem solved professionally and sustainably. The two specialists Lista Office LO and GANTNER were the ideal partners for this.

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