Go with the Flow

Become stronger – zone by zone

Smart multizone concepts increase the range of options available to employees while also making the company more efficient. The performance system Flow Work from Lista Office LO ensures that all tasks are completed in an appropriate zone – on the basis of carefully devised concepts with optimum furnishings supplemented by function and design elements.

Meet and greet

Enter the office, meet colleagues, greet visitors: this zone gives a welcoming aesthetic and clear functionality to the area where indoor meets outdoor.

Discuss and coordinate

Meet with partners, set priorities, make decisions: this zone allows you to arrange formal meetings in an extremely comfortable space with strong infrastructure and an appropriate degree of discretion.

Prepare and implement

Gather facts, compose documents, deal with correspondence: this zone contains a modern desk that is adapted to cutting-edge requirements in terms of design, ergonomics and digitalisation.

Inform and present

Create ideas, visualise results, discuss solutions: this unconventional zone can be rapidly adapted to different requirements, such as Scrum meetings, design thinking workshops or team meetings with a twist.

Chat and relax

Escape routine, browse online, study documents: this zone provides space for inspiration, concentration and rejuvenation. For dynamic results in a relaxed atmosphere.

Store and retrieve

Compile documents, deposit files, archive reports: this zone creates order for offices that aren’t yet paperless. This results in more freedom and flexibility in all the other zones.

Produce & recycle

Print files, copy documents, separate waste: this zone is centrally located for easy access and screened off to reduce noise levels in the other zones.

Withdraw and focus

Find peace and quiet, sharpen your thoughts, solve problems: this zone offers a sheltered environment in which employees can concentrate fully on a task undisturbed by noise and other distractions.

Develop and visualise

Develop projects, plan teamwork, network ideas: this zone enables dialogue between two or more participants. Right next to workstations – yet far away from the hustle and bustle of work.

References with multizone concepts

Showroom LO Liechtenstein

Six hundred square metres of Bauhaus-inspired designs await visitors to LO Liechtenstein’s new showroom in Triesen (FL). With timeless classics featuring functional design and geometric shapes, furniture blends with art and modern technology to fuse into a harmonious whole.

Showroom LO Fribourg

Interior design elements shaped like clouds or a bolt of lightning combine with plants, wood and concrete to bring nature right into the office in LO Fribourg’s new “live” showroom, where the office furnishing experts demonstrate how furniture can be not just displayed, but staged.


Recently, the Touring Club Suisse (TCS) centralised its administrative headquarters at a site in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Some 530 employees who were previously spread over six locations have now moved into the newly built offices in Ostermundigen. Lista Office LO guided TCS through the planning process and supplied virtually all the furnishings for the new offices.

Swisscom, Rotterdam

Lista Office LO has been working with Swisscom since 1988 as an office equipment supplier. This lengthy partnership has fostered a win-win situation with positive dividends for efficiency, productivity and – last but by no means least – happy employees at their attractive desks.

Lista Office LO

Lista Office LO has given the offices at its own Arnegg site a complete makeover. Just as they would for any customer project, the specialist office outfitters came up with a design optimised to the needs of the people using the space.

zubischuhe.ch AG

Zubischuhe’s new offices have all the flair of a start-up. The stylish new workplace pairs wood with pristine geometric lines, and the open-plan layout is a perfect fit for the company culture.

Bauwerk Parkett

Out with the old, in with the authentic: Bauwerk Parkett’s new office brings the company’s values to life, with open communication and 450 m2 of parquet flooring.


Where everyday routine becomes brand communication. In the new offices of Sunrise, architecture, furnishings and processes now go hand in hand – creating surprising interactions.