Touring Club Suisse

Six locations converge at a new 9000 m² site.

More momentum and meaningful interactions in everyday office life.

The Touring Club Suisse (TCS) recently opened new administrative headquarters in Ostermundigen, uniting 530 employees from six different locations. Excellently designed, the new office concept combines open plan spaces with small offices. Lista Office LO guided TCS through the planning process and supplied virtually all the furnishings for the new offices.

Client Touring Club Suisse TCS
Branche Mobility services
Furnishing Lista Office LO
Number of workstations 600
Planning Architect Gualzata Mirko at TCS, Lista Office LO
Products LO Pure, LO Motion, LO Extend, LO Besprechungstische, LO Next, LO One, LO Garderoben, LO Caddy, LO Mini-Caddy, LO Storage C14, Arper, Girsberger, Giroflex, Lintex, Muuto, Wettstein


«Lista Office LO displayed a high level of commitment and provided us with comprehensive advice. We were deeply impressed by their proactive cooperation and hard work»
Marin Pavlovic
«Lista Office LO displayed a high level of commitment and provided us with comprehensive advice. We were deeply impressed by their proactive cooperation and hard work»

Marin Pavlovic,

Head of Real Estate, Touring Club Suisse

The concept

The Touring Club Suisse (TCS) recently centralised its administrative headquarters at a site in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Some 530 employees, previously spread over six locations, have now moved into the newly-built offices in Ostermundigen. These offer a total of 566 workplaces, spread over a generous 9000 m² of office space. The previous sites had no consistent interior furnishing concept, as Marin Pavlovic, Head of Real Estate for the Touring Club Suisse, explains. “The furniture at the different locations consisted of a mishmash of brands, colours and materials – sometimes even within one and the same office. Relocating the furniture would have been pointless due to the high cost of adjustments and acquiring additional furnishings.” As a result, TCS opted for a completely fresh approach to furnishing the new offices in Ostermundigen. The timeless office design which Lista Office LO helped to develop combines a judicious mix of open plan spaces for up to 100 employees with one-person, two-person and four-person offices. The site also houses conference rooms and a quiet room. Most of the employees had never worked in an open plan office before, so it’s been a huge change for them – but feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “We’ve been able to observe more momentum and meaningful interactions between employees. The different departments collaborate more closely and information is shared more efficiently. Everything is closer to hand,” summarises Marin Pavlovic with a satisfied smile. The employees are also delighted with the height-adjustable desks that enable them to work more ergonomically.

As well as modernising the interior design, TCS also focused on digitalisation. As a result, workplace storage space for private belongings and business documents was kept to a minimum. “This was part of our digitalisation strategy,” explains Marin Pavlovic. “By providing less space for paperwork, we’re encouraging our staff to digitalise their processes.” TCS based their calculations for the amount of storage space per employee on an average value and followed the advice given by Lista Office LO.

The new pebble grey furnishings harmonise beautifully with the timeless light grey of most of the walls, while warmer colours have been included in the carpets, individual wall areas and selected furnishings to add a more homely touch to the office atmosphere. 90 % of the furnishings were supplied by Lista Office LO, and Marin Pavlovic is full of praise for the interior furnishings specialist. “We benefitted from their professional, proactive advice, and are delighted with the high quality furnishings,” he says. “The planning and implementation phases ran smoothly and on schedule from start to finish. We can warmly recommend Lista Office LO!”


The furnishings

The former hodgepodge of outdated office furniture has now given way to a consistent, modern office concept. The furnishings supplied by Lista Office LO have played an important role in helping the 530 employees settle into their new work environment.


The success

  • Consistent interior furnishings concept
  • Meaningful combination of offices and open plan areas creates momentum and encourages more interaction between employees
  • Height-adjustable desks for more ergonomic workspaces
  • Concise, well-designed storage space at each workplace
  • Homely atmosphere