Bauwerk Parkett AG

Authentic, dynamic, communication-friendly – a transformation into the workplace of the future.

Bauwerk Parkett creates space for team culture.

Parquet floor manufacturer Bauwerk Parkett has knocked down walls and laid 450 m2 of its premium product to create an agile office that fosters better communication and teamwork.

Client Bauwerk Parkett AG
Branche Building industry/Architecture
Furnishing Lista Office LO
Number of workstations 19
Planning Lista Office LO
Products LO Next, LO Extend, LO One, LO Motion, LO Caddies, Akuwa, Tobias Grau, Brunner, Framery, Vitra, Cascando, Preform
«Lista Office LO’s seasoned experts made sure our specific needs always came first.»
Sabine Poiger
«Lista Office LO’s seasoned experts made sure our specific needs always came first.»

Sabine Poiger,

Assistant of Group Management, Bauwerk Boen Group

The concept

The long-established Swiss company has shaken up its decades-old layout and switched from individual offices to an open-plan workplace. In combination with smart, flexible furniture solutions from Lista Office LO, the new office facilitates communication within the team while also providing separate spaces for one-to-one meetings and work in smaller groups. This new spirit of open communication has brought positive disruption to all hierarchical levels right up to the CEO, whose office now doubles as the main meeting room.

Versatile, inviting and authentic, the new office breaks down barriers between team members and provides them with a flexible, multifunctional working environment. It also features a huge parquet floor, a best-practice solution so brilliantly realised by Lista Office LO that Bauwerk Parkett now often simply brings its customers to the office rather than the showroom.

The furnishings

Team culture, communication and living values – made possible by workspaces with Lista Office LO furniture solutions, which bring maximum flexibility to day-to-day processes.


The success

  • Large workspaces facilitate open communication and efficient processes
  • Best-practice solution with model character
  • Better communication and teamwork thanks to the multifunctional office design