Click & Meet wins Innovative Product award at Worlddidac 2023.

Every second year, global trade association Worlddidac selects the most promising innovations for next-generation approaches to education, with submissions in a range of categories. This year’s Award Ceremony took place on 21 November 2023 during the Swissdidac event in Bern, and Christian Mehling, CEO Lista Office LO, was delighted to accept an award for Click & Meet – a novel solution connecting two furniture systems.

Educational systems are undergoing a paradigm shift. The demands of industry on our future workforce and management force are currently in the midst of a fast-moving transformation. Swiss project Lehrplan 21, an educational programme outlining curricula for Switzerland’s German-speaking cantons, first pointed the way over ten years ago, identifying groupwork and cooperative learning as the new order of the day. To provide the best possible infrastructure support for this challenging mode of learning, the experts at Lista Office LO came up with Click & Meet, a smart connection system linking LO Edge desks with LO Move dividers.

The smart design was assessed by two independent juries comprised of international experts and experienced educators. The criteria taken into consideration included novelty, design, sustainability, relevance, and fitness for purpose –  and Click & Meet was judged to be a truly innovative educational product. This award is recognised as the highest international accolade of the education industry.

LO Edge and LO Move go Click & Meet

Rectangular, square, triangular or semi-circular: the lightweight, mobile LO Edge desks can be moved around lightning-fast on their rollers and rearranged into whatever layout best suits the immediate situation. The smart LO Move dividers make it as easy as ABC to restructure and divide up classrooms for any learning situation. Since the dividers can be supplied with write-on, magnetic, or felt-covered surfaces, they contribute more than a structural role: they form a crucial element of the team or project work.

Click & Meet brings together the dynamics of the two furniture systems into a harmonious whole. The magnet-based system – which is playful, requires no additional tools, and is virtually silent – connects rectangular LO Edge desks to the LO Move partition walls at sitting or standing height. Where a wall-to-wall division is needed, Click & Meet can be used to connect a series of partition walls to make a mobile room divider. This gives educators maximum flexibility and makes the system ideal for countless use cases in any classroom.

“As an employer with a long-term planning horizon, we believe firmly in building strong foundations for the education of future generations and thus also for our future professional workforce”, explains Christian Mehling. “That’s why we are so proud and delighted that Worlddidac has recognised our hard work and dedication with the ‘Innovative Product 2023’ award.”.

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