Lista Office Group figures confirm that the upward trend of the past six years continued in 2023

Lista Office Group’s corporate figures for 2023 confirm that the company is still on the upward trend it has been following for the last six years. The Group reports total revenue of CHF 137 million (€ 146 million) for the past financial year, representing an increase of around 14% year-on-year.

This positive growth can be attributed primarily to the Swiss market, confirming the company’s strategic direction. The Group’s corporate strategy emphasises close engagement with customer projects from A to Z, and a holistic approach offering active consultation on all aspects of the “New Work”. At the same time, the LO Group has diversified into a new customer segment, education. The overall strategy is underpinned by a robust product portfolio which combines Lista Office’s own lines with specially chosen partner brands. Sales are almost exclusively through the company’s own channels. Two further confirmations for the success of this strategy can be seen in the way that the Group has very successfully closed the main gaps in its own portfolio, and the fact that Lista Office was awarded the prestigious “Worlddidac Award 2023” for innovation in the education sector. These achievements highlight the innovative power and competitiveness of the Group.

At the same time, the Lista Office Group continues to focus on sustainable products and processes and on emphasising Swissmade quality. Continuity is ensured by CEO Christian Mehling, who has held this role since the beginning of 2015.



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