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Lista Office LO: Designated as a family-friendly business

Umbrella organisation Pro Familia operates the independent “Family Score” system, which provides a science-based, quantitative evaluation of how family friendly a business is.  Lista Office LO is proud to have been awarded the right to display Pro Familia’s “Family-friendly business” logo for the next three years. What’s more, its employees scored the company particularly highly (and above the national average) in areas such as overtime compensation, team support, holiday scheduling and support from higher-ups in the organisation.

In today’s labour market, work/life balance is increasingly taking centre stage, as employees are less and less inclined to make the choice between career and family: nowadays, we believe we can have both. That means companies need to assign a high priority to creating conditions that foster a positive work/life balance for their employees.

Pro Familia reviewed the quality and effectiveness of the measures implemented by Lista Office LO towards a strong work/life balance. The “Family Score” employee survey tests how well a company succeeded in delivering what its labour force are looking for in this area.

What does the Family Score measure?

The “Family Score” tracks 16 dimensions that are strongly correlated with fostering a positive work/life balance. These include, for example, factoring in family circumstances when scheduling working hours, holidays, and overtime, along with areas such as mutual support within teams and between different levels of the corporate hierarchy. Work from home options, promotion opportunities and the availability of CPD for part-time workers are also taken into account for the full picture, along with benefits and support for family members. Companies that score particularly highly are entitled to display the “Family-friendly business” logo for three years.  Lista Office LO now numbers among these companies.

Score of “Excellent” for the key issues

The areas judged by employees to be most important were overtime compensation options, flexible working hours, consideration of family circumstances by the team and supervisors, and family-oriented holiday scheduling. Lista Office LO is delighted to have scored above the Swiss average in all five of these areas, with the maximum score for four of them. 

There is still room for some improvement at the company when it comes to flexible working hours. However, Lista Office partially makes up for this by offering particularly good work-from-home options.

In total, Lista Office LO employees evaluated 10 of the 17 key criteria to be above the average for Switzerland.

Christian Mehling, CEO of Lista Office LO is delighted to have received the “Family-friendly business” quality seal: “The positive evaluation of these aspects, which are so essential to the wellbeing of our teams, is further inspiration for us to keep working to foster an environment that meets the needs of all our staff”.