Lista Office LO for administrators

  1. Tailored efficiency and performance
    Laying out publicly managed space is always a careful balancing act. The key is to walk the line between competing needs: to strike the balance between discretion and customer proximity. This can only be achieved by perfectly effective, yet motivational infrastructure with a friendly, yet reserved external appearance. We guarantee maximum satisfaction on every level, thanks to our delicate, meticulous planning process, taking into account all the premises used by an administration.
  2. Get more from your money
    If public money is involved, you want to be sure you’re getting maximum value out of every cent. However, good long-term planning involves weighing aspects beyond the bare procurement costs.
    • Our ergonomic workstations have been proven to help promote physical wellbeing at work: the flexible sitting/standing desks reduce physical stresses for jobs that typically involve a lot of sitting. This benefits you with fewer health-related absences.
    • Our optimised spatial planning also helps reduce your office space costs.
    • Our high quality steel furniture is easy to assemble or disassemble, as well as having a remarkably long lifespan.
    • When a piece starts to lose its original sheen, or if wear parts have stopped working properly, that’s no problem. Our furniture comes with guarantees and service agreements to ensure that it can be given a further lease of life.
    We don’t build our products to last years. We build them to last decades – and that’s what makes them such a good use of your resources.
  3. Our commitment to Switzerland
    For the last eighty years, Lista Office LO has been committed 100% to “made in Switzerland” and has been sourcing the innovative power of our country to nourish our high Lista Office LO quality standards. All our top quality steel furniture is developed and produced in our three Swiss production facilities. We have a close-knit distribution network comprising ten sales outlets and a further twenty sales partners across German-speaking Switzerland, west Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For us, it’s not just about investing in the future and profitability of our own business and of Switzerland as an industry location. It’s also about creating opportunities and prospects for our 310 employees and trainees, and we have a particular emphasis on regions with the greatest need for job creation.
  4. Our sustainability promise
    Our mindful approach to our planet’s finite resources is part of our quality promise.
    • Lista Office LO is committed to “made in Switzerland”. All our production sites are here in Switzerland, which means we can guarantee short transport routes. We are also ISO 14001-certified, as physical evidence of our commitment to sustainable interaction with our environment.
    • Our products have an initial service life of as much as 20 years, and even after that, they can be given a new lease of life by our superb repair and maintenance service. In other words, our furniture fulfils the utmost in sustainability requirements.
    • All our new product lines are designed to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® standard. This standard, which we have been committed to since 2018, is based on the principles of a circular economy with potentially infinite reuse of raw materials.
    Sustainability is our commitment to Switzerland – and to us, sustainability means much more than just taking care of our environment and mindful use of resources. We believe that first and foremost, sustainability is about people. That’s why we do our utmost to foster the health and wellbeing of our customers’ personnel and our own.