Lista Office LO for employees

  1. Growth begins with yourself
    Our core task is to develop office environments that create the right setting to foster top performance at our customers’ businesses. And we want to do exactly the same for our own personnel. After all, we know that we can only grow as a company if we make it possible for our staff to grow as people. Are you a qualified expert with high demands from your current employer in terms of infrastructure, individual responsibility, and professional development opportunities? If so, you’re at the right place with us.  
  2. Shared team spirit
    Whatever your age, gender, role or position: you are essential to the company. That’s why we believe strongly in appreciating every member of every one of our teams, and treating all our colleagues as equals.
  3. A small cog in a big machine – or part of a bigger picture?
    If you want to go home at the end of the day not just exhausted, but satisfied with your work, you’re in the right place: we have exciting roles with scope to make maximum use of your expertise. The sum of your work combined with your 310 future colleagues is in no way a mere abstract corporate vision. You will experience it yourself each day, as you evolve new ideas from a perfectly thought out and well designed workplace.
  4. Tangible value
    Excellent work, commitment, and motivation are worth a great deal to us – and we repay you with a fair salary meeting market standards and a fantastic employee package.
  5. Not far to go
    We think it’s important to be close to our customers and our staff. That’s why we have three production sites in German-speaking Switzerland and ten sales outlets across German-speaking Switzerland, west Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. We keep pace with you, wherever you live.