Lista Office LO for business

  1. We know that you're unique
    Conveyor belts, bulk production and uniformity simply aren’t a part of our working vocabulary. After all, every company has unique requirements for its workplace infrastructure. What’s more, if you want a workplace that doesn’t just fulfil today's needs, but is also equipped to meet the future, you need to plan carefully. And that comprehensive specification, brainstorming and planning process is just what we offer:
    • First of all, we work with your personnel and our project team to draw up a systematic list of strengths and weaknesses of the status quo.
    • Next, a carefully moderated creative workshop with the project team provides the setting for brainstorming and discussion. The key elements of the new design will emerge via this process.
    • The project team then works closely with you to agree on the details and elaborate this basis into a specification.
    • Once the planning is complete, your Lista Office LO furniture will be built with maximum care to a high professional standard in our Swiss production facilities.
    • The final – but essential! – step is the packaging of the Lista Office LO furniture together with fittings and accessories from our extensive range of brand partners.
    • To complete the project, the new furniture will be delivered to you with typical Swiss punctuality, assembled, and installed according to your plans. Your new working environment is ready!
  2. Great value – guaranteed!
    Our prices are a lie! However, good customer relationships are very important to us – so we’ll make things transparent for you. The following cost-drivers are missing from our pricing:
    • It has been scientifically proven that a motivational working environment boosts employee performance. And for this to be the case even during short absences due to illness or employee turnover due to promotions – that’s priceless.
    • An optimised workflow concept has a direct effect on space requirements – which has an important side effect: it allows you to optimise office space costs.
    • We are proud of our quality and we never build in planned obsolescence. And it shows: our furniture has a remarkably long lifespan.
    • Sometimes, you might have a product that is no longer under guarantee, still usable, but has rather lost its shine. It’s not a problem! We’re always happy to carry out minor services, replace defective parts, and restore our furniture to its former glory for a new lease of life!
    Our carefully designed solutions are planned to last decades, not years, and accordingly they are a true investment in the future of your business. What’s more, our solutions don’t just pay off long-term in your infrastructure budget: they make a contribution to sustainability.
  3. We’re where you need us
    For the last eighty years, Lista Office LO has been committed to “made in Switzerland” and has been sourcing the innovative power of our country to nourish our high Lista Office LO quality standards. There are several crucial benefits to this approach. Most importantly, with three production facilities, ten showrooms, and twenty more sales partners across German-speaking Switzerland, west Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, we can guarantee that the route from you to us, or from us to you, is never too long. Our close-knit network means we can keep pace with you, wherever you’re working.
  4. We live and breathe sustainability
    Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us. It’s integral to everything we do.
    • Lista Office LO believes firmly in “made in Switzerland”. We have our production sites here, which means we can guarantee short transport routes. We are also ISO 14001-certified, as physical evidence of our commitment to sustainable interaction with our environment.
    • Our products are designed to last at least twenty years, and then they can always be given a further lease of life thanks to our first-class repair and maintenance service.
    • All our new product lines since 2018 have been designed to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® standard. This means they are designed to the principles of a circular economy with potentially infinite reuse of raw materials.
    Sustainability means much more to us than just short transport routes and mindful use of resources. We believe in putting people first – and that includes in our approach to our planet. That’s why we strive to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers’ personnel and our own.