Lista Office LO at home

  1. Style without borders
    Do you try to avoid words like “must” and “should” in favour of alternatives like “may” and “want”? Do you prefer to create your own lifestyle, without being dictated to by mass fashion? It’s time to forget everything you've been told about objects having a dedicated purpose. If you like a piece and it meets your functional requirements: it's allowed. So what if this beautiful solid wood conference table was intended for use in a business meeting room? If it looks fantastic in your open-plan living/dining room – install it there!
  2. Brands that create an ambiance
    Do phrases like “fast food”, “fast fashion” and “fast-moving furniture” fill you with horror? In an age where it’s ever harder to keep up with the pace of events, indulgence can seem like a luxury. But where is it more important to be able to indulge and relax than within your own four walls? If you adore the conservative luxury of a stylish hotel, or the professional elegance of the reception area in an upmarket business, you’re at the right place with us. Our vast range of professional products from top quality brands is exactly what you need to create your own relaxing oasis, where you can leave harsh reality behind as you close your front door.
  3. Furniture solutions – not storage problems
    Multipurpose is the magic word when it comes to your own home. There’s nowhere where the boundaries between rooms and furniture become so blurred as in your private space. Daily life puts such a huge variety of demands on us and our interiors need to offer something more than single-purpose solutions. At Lista Office LO, our designers and engineers know this. Whether you need a solution for your living room, master bedroom, kids’ room, bathroom or hallway: if it can be a smart solution for the office, it can be a smart solution in your home too! Phone charging stations (just like at the airport), smart cable organisers and clever accessories are all there to help you organise, structure and display your belongings to suit your needs and moods. There are whole new dimensions of interior design to be explored!
  4. Service included
    Might assembly instructions be written in Chinese for all the good they are to you? Does hearing “Furniture collection point” turn you right off? Or have you got pieces of furniture in your basement that bear clear signs of your frustration trying to assemble them? We’ll save you the stress. We deliver your new furniture pieces fully assembled, right to the spot you have planned for them – or handle the assembly ourselves in situ.