Lista Office LO for schools

  1. Flexibility and networking
    School is the place where dreams and reality merge. And getting schooling right means mastering a delicate balancing act, as social and technical developments confront pedagogic wisdom developed over decades. To rise to the demands society will make of its future workforce, resolve this tension, and ensure our schools give the best to our young people, we need interior designs adapted to a need for flexible, modular teaching structures. That’s why our Education models are designed to provide a framework capable of responding to a huge range of requirements, from individual study right through to networked learning.
  2. Freedom of organisation
    Our furniture systems of triangular, semicircular, square and rectangular desks equipped with our magnetic Click & Meet system are perfect for introducing students to the mysteries of geometry. However, that’s not their primary raison d’etre. The modular, flexible systems are particularly well suited for adjusting to the size and space needs of each individual class – without requiring any feats of strength, or taking valuable teaching time.
  3. Stress testing
    School is stressful: not just for the teachers and students of all ages, but also for the infrastructure itself. That means school desks, chairs, and other furniture need to be built to strong specifications. And that’s why we use high quality raw materials and consumables for these products, which all come with a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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