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Framery presents the new Smart Pods

Leaving traditional office meeting rooms and previous soundproof pods behind, the new innovative Framery One Compact, Framery One, Framery Four and Framery Six pods offer greater benefits for users, are more sustainable and improve over time.

Introducing Framery Smart Pods: a better place and a better way to work

The traditional office meeting rooms and the previous soundproof pods have had their day. Framery has launched a whole new generation of smart pods that make the working day easier by enabling quiet and focussed working in fully connected spaces. They are easy to book and are automatically customisable to each user's needs and preferences. With integrated advanced technologies, the family of four Smart Pods redefines what is possible in the workplace.

Offices around the world have been transformed by the increase in remote working, extensive digital integration and a shift towards more flexible working environments. The autonomy and comfort gained through hybrid working has increased with the growing desire for a comfortable office environment.