Your choice of tables

Are you still looking for a sitting/standing table that's compatible with the LO Move app? With LO Choice and LO Extend, you can choose between two table concepts with variable height adjustment – developed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the latest standards, and tried and tested in practical applications.

LO Extend

The sitting/standing table with an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Stay on top of the ups and downs of office life. Move your body freely – for a more dynamic workplace. Everything to hand, nothing in the way. The new generation of sitting/standing tables that add new dimensions to the workplace. Lista Office LO presents: LO Extend.

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LO Choice

The sitting/standing table that leaves nothing to be desired.

Stand while working, sit for meetings. Or vice versa. A piece of modern office furniture that can be tailored to the needs of employees. A dynamic concept with an outstandingly ergonomic design that has a positive effect on performance and well-being: LO Choice.