Please stand up!

According to a recent study by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, the average Swiss person spends four to five hours per day sitting down – and one in six people spend 8.5 hours sitting down. That's too much, which is why doctors, occupational therapists and expert bodies like the bfu and Suva recommend carrying out a portion of your work while standing up – with clear benefits for companies and employees.

As a rule of thumb: two thirds of your time sitting, and a third standing.

How often should you switch between sitting and standing? Matthias Emmenegger, certified occupational therapist at Ergoplan, recommends the following: "A sitting/standing table makes it possible to work from a standing position once or twice an hour. However, the periods you spend standing shouldn't exceed 20 minutes."

By alternating between sitting and standing, you can prevent health problems.

Switching between sitting and standing takes the strain off your spine, discs and back muscles. In addition, studies have shown that more frequent standing reduces the risk of diabetes, circulatory conditions and even certain forms of cancer.

By alternating between sitting and standing, you burn more calories.

When standing, we burn around 50 more calories per hour than if we sit. The precise rate depends on factors including body weight. That's why the LO Move app gives you the option to record your weight and hence define concrete targets for burning calories.

By alternating between sitting and standing, you keep your mind and body active.

If you always sit or always stand, you get tired more quickly and place an excessively one-sided strain on your body. A healthy balance between working in a sitting and a standing position results in more movement, and hence in better regeneration of our performance and concentration.

Healthier, slimmer and more productive thanks to optimum balance: three compelling reasons to choose the LO sitting/standing tables – and to use the LO Move-App to ensure success.