«We improve our environmental footprint year after year.»

Being ready for the future yields maximised profits

Being economically sustainable means prioritising long-term success over fast gains.

Investing for the future

Remaining successful in the future is only possible if we take an economically sustainable approach now. That means using products that deliver what they promise. It means making investments today to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. It means a clear commitment to strong partnerships with our customers.

Maintenance-free office furniture

Lista Office LO‘s high-quality steel products pay for themselves many times over: they are maintenance-free, easy to clean, space-saving, durable and have a timeless design.

Extended guarantee

Since we know that our products will be used for many years with no deterioration to quality or functionality, we offer a five-year product warranty ex-works. The manufacturer guarantee applies only for additionally purchased elements such as textiles, lights, glass fixtures and electronic components and software.

Ongoing investment

The business world is in a state of flux. That’s why we invest continuously in our plants – making sure we remain economically sustainable into the future.

Strong partnerships

Our subsidiaries and authorised retail partners throughout Switzerland form the basis of optimised networking and collaboration between our customers, production and sales.

Our contribution to a sustainable working world

Respecting mother earth and our natural resources

Ecological sustainability is part of our nature. That’s why we manufacture our office furniture here in Switzerland, in modern production facilities using sustainable materials.

Environmental sustainability as part of the design

We see environmental sustainability as an integral part of our work and therefore a central part of the design.

10 Points for the Future

At Lista Office LO, taking a responsible attitude towards people and the environment has tradition. Our positive environmental balance manifests itself in the long life cycle of our products, the recyclability of steel and the manufacturing process, which is based on systematic environmental management according to ISO 14001.

The Lista Office LO info materials about sustainability

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For a sustainable working world. (PDF, 2 MB) EN
Environmental report 2023 (PDF, 2 MB) EN