Environmental sustainability as part of the design

We see environmental sustainability as an integral part of our work and therefore a central part of the design.

The "Cradle to Cradle" cycle forms the basis of our sustainability


Machine production harbours huge potential for ecologically sustainable development.

Environmental management

Accepting responsibility has been standard at Lista Office LO for fifty years. Since 1973, we’ve been maintaining energy statistics, nowadays integrated into our ISO 14001-certified environmental management system.

Environmental officer

We have a dedicated environmental officer who participates in planning, implementation and monitoring of all our activities to ensure that we are continuously improving our energy and raw material footprint.

Green energy

Our production plants run entirely on renewable energy, using solar systems installed at our Degersheim and Arnegg plants.

Wastewater treatment plant and air filter system

We have our own wastewater treatment plant where we clean the pollutants out of the waste water from our coating process. An air filter system purifies air contaminated during the process of curing the powder coating.


Lista Office LO does all its production in Switzerland. Our showrooms and authorised retail partners have a close link to our customers and we have short transport paths and low emissions. We also work hard to avoid empty journeys and all our packaging is reusable, made from wood or cardboard.

Our services as the key to more sustainability

Minor service
Minor repairs and cleaning on the premises by a Lista Office LO technician. Furniture remains on the customer‘s site.

Major service
Furniture is collected and taken to the central hub. Individual parts are repaired or replaced and the furniture is returned to the customer in as-new quality.

Furniture is collected, dismantled into separate parts, sorted and recycled. Usable furniture is purchased by Lista Office LO or returned as a donation.

Fresh Up
Furniture is collected and dismantled into separate parts. Defective parts are replaced; the furniture is re-coated, reassembled and then either returned to the customer or resold.

Durable and ecologically compatible materials

We take a mindful approach to our raw materials and use products that are as harmless for people and planet as possible.


The core material for our products is one of the most sustainable: steel has no chemical additives, combines superbly with other materials, and is fully recyclable.


The two procedures we use on our surfaces are also environmentally friendly: powder coating and wet coating with solvent-free products.


We obtain materials such as fresh coniferous or deciduous timber, storm-damaged timber and sawmill timber waste from suppliers who are ISO 14001 certified, members of the WWF Wood Group and apply the FSC label.


We use primarily POM or polyamide for our plastic components. Other small parts are made from polypropylene, ABS or polyethylene.

Our contribution to a sustainable working world

Respecting mother earth and our natural resources

Ecological sustainability is part of our nature. That’s why we manufacture our office furniture here in Switzerland, in modern production facilities using sustainable materials.

Being ready for the future yields maximised profits

Being economically sustainable means prioritising long-term success over fast gains.

10 Points for the Future

At Lista Office LO, taking a responsible attitude towards people and the environment has tradition. Our positive environmental balance manifests itself in the long life cycle of our products, the recyclability of steel and the manufacturing process, which is based on systematic environmental management according to ISO 14001.

The Lista Office LO info materials about sustainability

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For a sustainable working world. (PDF, 2 MB) EN
Environmental report 2023 (PDF, 3 MB) EN