Why Lista Office LO

«The status quo of today will soon be history!» This has never been truer than in the corporate world. With the rise of Web 3.0, artificial intelligence and the Metaverse, we are on the brink of the next industrial revolution. Ever since our foundation in 1945, Lista Office LO has made it its mission to anticipate groundbreaking developments with our pioneering office interior solutions. Central to everything we do is always the human user and their wellbeing: these are the most important capital of any company. As a member of the Zhejiang Henglin Group Chair Industry since 2019, we believe strongly in the quality and innovation of «made in Switzerland».

60,000 reasons for Lista Office LO

On average, workers in Switzerland spend 60,000 hours of their lives at their workplace. That’s a lot! And that’s why our designers and engineers pour their energy into making your workplace the best environment possible. For us, constant evolution and revolution in furniture systems is by no means an end in itself; it’s simply a logical consequence of scientific and economic development. Our innovative processes emerge from a foundation of the newest insights emerging from research into employment – we collaborate with universities and scientific institutes to ensure we’re always at the cutting edge.