Privacy Policy

This data security policy and its application are subject to Swiss law and shall be construed and enforced accordingly. The provisions respect new legal regulations as set out in the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2016/679).

1. Scope

This privacy policy governs how Lista Office LO, LOG Produktions AG, Alfred Lienhard Strasse 2, 9113 Degersheim, Switzerland (“LO”, “we”) handles the personal data of its customers, visitors to its website and mobile apps (“website”), regardless of whether the data originates from the data subject themselves or via a third party, and regardless of whether the personal data is transmitted to LO through the website or through another route.

2. Contact

You can contact us as follows:

Lista Office LO
LOG Produktions AG
Alfred Lienhard Strasse 2
9113 Degersheim

LO is represented by

Christian Mehling, CEO


In the European Union, LO is represented by:

LOG Produktions AG
Alfred Lienhard Strasse 2
9113 Degersheim

LO is represented by

Christian Mehling, CEO

3. General information

LO operates in the home & office furniture sector and its website provides information about the company's business activities, products and services, a platform for online purchases, and ways to contact the business.

LO complies with legal data protection requirements. All personal data collected during login or use of the website and protected under Swiss data protection law (the Swiss Datenschutzgesetz, “DSG”) or the European General Data Protection Regulation (“EU GDPR”) is used solely for the performance of a contract, unless we have your express permission, in particular in accordance with this privacy policy, for additional use, or the applicable laws permit such use. Our staff are required to treat personal data as confidential.

Since we process most personal data electronically, we have established suitable organisational and technical measures (e.g., IT security measures) to ensure that your personal data is protected. We furthermore provide regular training to our staff on the themes of data protection and information security.

4. What personal data is collected, and for what purposes?

We may collect your key data (company name (if applicable), surname, address, email address), personal data relating to the services provided to you, financial transaction data, your online preferences and your customer feedback.

We use this personal data for communication with you; for evaluation; for agreement of and processing of our business transactions with you (e.g., through our online shop); for operating our website; for billing; we also use it for market research and marketing, e.g. for analysing our customer base or for contacting you by post, email or text message. We may associate your key data in our database with industry information and interests.

Input fields for personal data that is essential for you to use our services are marked accordingly. Supplying us with your personal data in any other input fields is entirely voluntary. You can inform us at any time that you no longer want us to process this voluntarily provided personal data (see Section 11, Your rights).

We may collect data about your credit rating, in order to protect ourselves against payment defaults.

In addition, data about your browsing behaviour and website usage is collected. This includes, for example, information about the web browser and browser version you use to visit the website, when you visit the website, the operating system you are running, the referring website if you clicked on a link to reach our website, which elements of the website you use, and how you use them. This personal data is stored together with the IP address of the device you used to access our website. We use this data to display our website correctly and to optimise it; for protection against attacks or other infringements of rights; and to customise the website for you. We do not use this browsing and usage data to draw any conclusions about the data subjects and we evaluate the personal data anonymously on an individual basis, except where we need the personal data to clarify an infringement of rights.

5. Retention period

We only process personal data for as long as either it is needed for its respective purpose, or it is legally required for us to do so.

if you have created an account with us, we store the key data you provided for your account for an unlimited period of time. However, you can request deletion of your account at any time (see Section 13, Your rights). We will delete your key data, providing and to the extent that we are not required by law to retain it.

If you order from us without using an account, the key data you supply for this purpose will be deleted following the end of the guarantee period or conclusion of the service, if and to the extent that we are not required by law to retain the data. The deletion may take place immediately, or may be done in the course of regular batch deletions.

If we want to avoid further business interactions with a data subject due to misuse, payment default or for other legitimate reasons, we will store the relevant personal data for a period of five years, or ten years in cases of repeat offences.

6. Processing by third parties and abroad

We may employ other companies in our Group or third parties to process the personal data for the purposes specified.

These companies are marketing and market research companies, companies who handle the technical operation of our information technology (outsourcing partners), companies who provide analysis services (see Section 7), financial service providers, debt collection agencies, or legal services and public authorities. When we employ other companies in our Group or third parties to process personal data, these third parties are selected carefully and required to have suitable security measures in place to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal data.

Processing by us or by the aforementioned third parties may also take place abroad, in European or non-European countries. Where this is the case, we ensure adequate contractual guarantees that any such third party uses the personal data in compliance with legal requirements and solely in the interests of LO. These guarantees are aligned with the standards of the European Commission, which are also recognised in Switzerland. You have a right to view the relevant guarantees in the respective contracts.

We have engaged the following third parties to process personal data:

  • Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, UK
  • LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland
  • Ops One, Weststrasse 77, 8003 Zürich
  • Snowflake Productions GmbH, Birmensdorferstrasse 94, 8003 Zürich, Schweiz
  • SuperOffice AS (HQ), Wergelandsveien 27, N-0167 Oslo, Norway