How smart is your office? Test it now.

Analyse your office: with the LOVE diagnostics tool.

Do you know what’s working well in your office? And what obstacles are standing in the way of making it stronger? The LOVE diagnostics tool from Lista Office LO (LOVE stands for LO Value Evaluation) is the first step towards a stronger office.

A structured online survey with 24 questions is used to identify how your current office concept functions and how successful it is. The survey can be completed by any number of people or just by a single individual. It doesn’t take long (around ten minutes) and the results are very helpful: the tool generates a personalised report that describes your current office and potential in comparison with the market.

Three steps to a personalised analysis

  1. Set up survey
    Begin the analysis by entering key details into the start form.
  2. Invite participants
    Send the survey link to the participants, including brief instructions.
  3. Make use of the results
    Study the report and benchmarking, including free consulting. 

Start analysis


The LOVE diagnostics tool can be accessed at It was developed by Lista Office LO in collaboration with the SGO Business School and is based on KTI research projects conducted between 2009 and 2016.