Owner and managing director
atelier 10punkt3 ag

“Creating separate work, communication and team zones with different designs enhances the quality of the workplace.”

Building contractor representative, corporate real estate management
Swisscom AG

“The range and quality of the furniture are very impressive; they make it possible to fulfil special concept and design requirements in the course of building projects.”

Head of internal services

“I especially appreciate the zones for focused work and the central area for impromptu discussions.”

Head of Product Development
Metrohm AG

“Following an initial scepticism, our employees today highly appreciate the new office layout and the opportunity to be able to work together as a project team over a longer period of time in the same office space.”

Gestaltung Planung Projektleitung GmbH
Swisscom AG

“Our working relationship was extremely professional. The person responsible for the project at LO was a reliable partner throughout who remained involved right up until the end.”

Managing director of Rapp Architekten

“By contrast with the small offices where we used to work, I see this new, open-plan office as paving our way into the future.”

Head of Software Engineering
Basler Versicherungen

“In the new workplace, we can form teams flexibly and select the ideal infrastructure for upcoming tasks.”

CSR Riviera

“Optimised acoustics make open-plan working much more enjoyable.”

greutmann bolzern designstudio

“The focus isn’t on rooms and furniture – it’s on people and dialogue.”