With the LO Health Check you’ll know the best way to work by a distance.

With the LO Health Check you’ll know the best way to work by a distance.

How safe and agile is your office?

The benefits

Coronavirus has changed our everyday working routines – and poses new challenges for companies. Flexible working models like remote working and desk sharing are becoming more popular, while distancing and hygiene requirements will permanently change the way we set up our offices. As a leading supplier of office furniture, Lista Office LO can help companies through these challenges. The LO Health Check assesses your office against clear criteria and shows how to make it safer and more agile. 

Your benefits with the LO Health Check:

  • Free and without obligation
  • Quick wins that can be implemented right away
  • Unrivalled expertise of the Swiss market leader
  • Comprehensive analysis of your office
  • Personal support from a locally based team

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The best solutions by a distance.


Working in partnership with other leading brands, Lista Office LO helps you to create a flexible, dynamic office – with a particular focus on ensuring your staff’s well-being. Our furniture systems bring structure, function and aesthetics into every workplace . 

A topic that’s grabbing the headlines.


The reality of work has completely changed. As a result, there’s been growing media interest in flexible offices and ways of working that help keep staff safe and healthy. A wider audience are learning about the pros and cons of ideas like remote working and desk sharing compared with conventional office set-ups. The media coverage makes clear that businesses are going to have to make some big decisions and some big changes.