For a futureproof office:
Lista Office LO solutions

Solutions from Lista Office LO actively contribute to your success – a strong promise? Find out why we love Monday. Learn about our impressively comprehensive expertise. Explore good reasons to choose a multizone concept. Discover the fun way to plan offices. And analyse your office so you know precisely how to make it stronger.

LO Healthcheck

Erfahren Sie, wie gut Flexibilität und Gesundheit in Ihrem Bürokonzept vereint sind. Mit dem LO Healthcheck analysieren wir Ihre Arbeitswelt – kostenlos und mit dem Know-how des Schweizer Marktführers. Damit Ihre Mitarbeitenden am Montag nicht nur gerne, sondern auch gesund ins Büro kommen.

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We love Monday

Make Monday your favourite day: with Lista Office LO. Our solutions and products create offices that are perfectly tailored to your needs, foster innovation, make optimum use of space and get people excited – even on Monday.

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Comprehensive expertise

Create a workplace that gives you a strong edge on the market. Lista Office LO offers all you need for a futureproof office – and all from a single provider: strong concepts, agile furnishing systems and leading solutions for lighting, acoustics and more.

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Multizone concept

Opt for a smart multizone concept that’s individually tailored to your office and actively contributes to your success. Based on an agile office design that reflects the dynamics of daily office routine – and provides the perfect environment for every task.

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FLOW Workshop

Make your office strong enough for the future. Find out how in the FLOW Workshop, which Lista Office LO offers free of charge. Our experts work with you to visualise your office and workflows in a systematic but fun way – using animal figures and model furniture.

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LOVE diagnostics tool

Find out what’s working well in your office and discover the obstacles standing in the way of making it stronger. The LOVE diagnostics tool is the quick, free way to analyse your office.

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