Creating a sense of identity and fostering communication – a modern, versatile office set-up.


«Working with Lista Office LO, we critically reviewed our existing structures – and devised a new, collaborative workplace.»

Michael Jurt, Head of Sales and Marketing

Client AG, Herisau

Shoes and outdoors

Lista Office LO

Number of workstations

Imholz Architektur & Design, AG, Lista Office LO

LO Extend, LO D3, LO One, Artemide, Girsberger, Lintex, Plank, Vitra, Wettstein


A perfect fit for the Zubi DNA


If a company’s main store and its offices are separated by a physical distance, how can you bridge that gap? For the shoes and outdoors business Zubischuhe, Lista Office LO designed an office set-up that fosters communication and brings the stylish flair of the store into the offices too.

The concept

A company’s image plays a key role in creating a sense of identity and belonging for its employees. Image is defined by values such as transparency, honesty and trust, as well as by the look and feel of the employees’ workplace. Zubischuhe has an open team culture, builds close relations with its customers and is a byword for expert advice and assistance on all things shoes and outdoors. To accommodate the company’s growing workforce, the management team decided to move the offices to separate premises.

The move to the spacious new premises in the city’s industrial quarter brought with it a number of challenges. As well as dividing up the space in a way geared to maximising performance, it was necessary to somehow bridge the physical distance between the offices and the main store. Lista Office LO worked with Imholz Architektur & Design to create a modern office set-up that fosters an open team culture and effective communication. Wooden walls were installed in the same style as those used in the store, which add character, create a sense of identity and allow the space to be intelligently divided into workstations, meeting areas and soundproofed booths for focused work. The result is an office space that’s fit for the 21st century and feels close to the main store despite the physical separation.


The furnishings


From creative meeting areas to soundproofed booths for focused work, the new furniture from Lista Office LO has turned the sparse, austere rooms into a bespoke office set-up with 24 workstations geared to top performance.

LO Extend

The smart, agile and cutting-edge desk and table family.

  • Sitting/standing desk, incremental adjustment, fixed height, meeting table
  • Lots of legroom (T-leg, no crossbeam); exemplary conformity with norms
  • Third level with multipurpose rail, screen and desk modules


Booth systems for focused working or small meetings.

  • Configurations in countless different forms and dimensions
  • Lots of different options for open-plan offices
  • Create secluded zones in the office without installing permanent structures

LO One

The highly flexible steel cabinet family.

  • Sliding door, roll front, drawers, open, double door, wardrobe
  • Choose from a variety of functions, extensions and colours
  • Awarded the Red Dot Design Award


The pioneering modular system made of wood.

  • Highly original, internationally successful design
  • High flexibility in terms of function and extendibility thanks to the signature aluminium profile
  • Can be extended/adapted without any special tools or expertise


LO Caddies / LO Drawer units

The storage system to keep things tidy next to and underneath desks.

  • Various size and material configurations
  • Flexible divider options for perfect organisation
  • Designed to match LO desks and cabinet systems


The success

  • An office design that creates a sense of identity and fosters collaborative working and integrated communication
  • Multifunctional set-up that allows open dialogue and improved teamwork
  • Stylish office furniture and pristine geometric lines for workspaces with flair