New head office, site concentration


«We have appreciated Lista Office LO in every project phase as innovative and valuable partner.»

Eric Tveter, Managing Director, UPC

UPC, Wallisellen

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Lista Office LO

Number of staff

Number of workstations

Total Office Management, Offconsult

LO Extend, LO Mindport, LO Locker


Open for strong dialogue


Communication that’s three times as strong. UPC’s change project “come together” brought together 1,400 employees from three sites under a single roof. The zone-based concept at the new head office boosts team culture at all levels – and is highly efficient in terms of both space and costs.

The concept

A matching zone for every requirement: the workplace designed by Lista Office LO provides UPC employees with a variety of options for focused work, interactive team projects and relaxed meetings.

UPC’s change project “come together” brought together 1,400 employees from three sites to its new head office in Wallisellen. The move was a major logistical challenge for Switzerland’s market leader in the TV and broadband sector but above all it offered long-term strategic advantages with respect to both team dialogue and cost-efficiency.

The workplace designed by Lista Office LO comprises 1,100 workstations. This provides ideal coverage, since a combination of part-time work, external placements and other absences means that the employees are never all in the office at once. The concept also promotes mobility and communication in the company: depending what work is on their agenda, employees can choose between different types of work zone – classic workstations with sitting and standing tables, rooms for focused work and a variety of areas for meetings and spontaneous discussions.

The furnishings


Across an area of 16,500 m2, these furnishing systems ensure optimum flow in the daily work at UPC:

  • LO Extend Sitting/Standing Work Table
  • LO Mindport interior furnishing system
  • LO Lockers

Noise-damping acoustic panels and sealed think tanks (LO Mindport) ensure that the highly efficient use of space isn’t at the expense of focused work.

LO Extend

The smart, agile and cutting-edge desk and table family.

  • Sitting/standing desk, incremental adjustment, fixed height, meeting table
  • Lots of legroom (T-leg, no crossbeam); exemplary conformity with norms
  • Third level with multipurpose rail, screen and desk modules

LO Mindport

The award-winning booth system for futureproof offices.

  • User-friendly plug and play solution
  • Does not need to be directly connected to the building’s ventilation system
  • Awarded the Red Dot Design Award


LO Locker

The steel cabinet system for zone-based spatial concepts.

  • Upward and downward-opening doors; max. load 15 kg
  • Combination lock – simple and user-friendly
  • Power supply and various organisational elements can be integrated


  • Differentiated zones for greater agility and productivity
  • Ten ergonomically and acoustically optimised workstation types
  • 70% of employees work more efficiently and effectively
  • Required space per employee reduced from 9 to 7.5 m2
  • 25% reduction in operating costs for rent, furniture and upkeep