Dynamic workplaces – helping boost health and efficiency.


«We have been working with Lista Office LO since 1988 as our competent partner for office furnishing. We really appreciate their no-fuss, flexible and attentive service.»

Stefania Rosati, Agile Coach, Swisscom AG

Swisscom AG


Lista Office LO

Number of workstations

Swisscom AG

LO Pure, LO D11


Freedom of movement in the workplace


Swisscom has established a centre for highly specialised ICT developers in Rotterdam. The offices are on the eighteenth floor of the imposing World Trade Center in the heart of the city. The Rotterdam ICT developer centre aims to attract highly qualified young talent from all round the world. Standing/sitting workstations by Lista Office LO are making an important contribution to the health and efficiency of the ICT experts.

The concept

For the developers, 76 ergonomic workstations have been set up in “Team Zones” on three “Working Floors”. The freely adjustable standing desks supplied by Lista Office LO offer superb working comfort and freedom to move. Stefania Rosati is enthusiastic about the benefits: “They help promote employee health and boost efficiency. The attractive desk design is another efficiency bonus: our staff love their appealing workplaces. And people who are happy in their work environment automatically get more done.” Along with the sitting/standing desks, Lista Office LO also supplied four elegant conference tables that immediately give a lift to the atmosphere at meetings, as well as fostering team creativity and innovative spirit. The team zones segue seamlessly into the “Common Areas”, where people can scribble freely on all the walls or work peacefully by a window. The Working Floors are completed with a comfortable entrance hall dotted with plants and sofas and equipped with a kitchenette, where the developers can relax during short breaks.

For more extended socialisation, they can move to the two “Social Floors”. Here, the ICT experts have the use of a kitchen over 10m long to cook, eat, and relax with a drink after work. Stefania Rosati is delighted: “Our kitchen is a meeting point for international cultures.” Next to the big kitchen, the staff have access to an extensive workshop area, which can be flexibly reorganised to meet immediate needs thanks to “Hackable Furniture”. Another popular space is the Game Zone, which boasts a 6m2 video wall and a virtual aquarium. Last but not least, the Social Floors are rounded off by a laboratory housing the servers and ICT support for the developers.


The furnishings


Lista Office LO has helped equip a diverse office world for the next generation of employees: flexible workstations and elegant conference tables help boost healthy and efficient working and promote a good work-life balance.

LO Pure

The sitting/standing desk in its purest form.

  • Sitting/standing desk, height-adjustable from 650 to 1,250 mm
  • Lots of legroom (T-leg, no crossbeam); LO drawer unit fits underneath
  • Swivelling cable conduit for easy access to cables

LO D11

The stylish table solution for meetings and conferences.

  • Sizes ranging from large (320 cm) to small (120 cm) in various shapes and finishes
  • Simple and intelligently designed power supply
  • Elegant but sturdy steel subframe


The success

  • Freely adjustable standing desks adapt to individual needs and offer freedom of movement
  • Ergonomic workspaces boost health and efficiency
  • Elegant conference tables set the stage for successful meetings, creativity and innovative spirit
  • Attractive desk design fosters enthusiasm at work

Longstanding partnership


Lista Office LO has been working with Swisscom (formerly PTT) since 1988 as an office outfitter. Over the thirty-odd years of the partnership, requirements for workplace solutions have changed significantly. Swisscom has provided Lista Office LO with valuable input throughout the partnership about the constantly changing needs of the office world. On its part, Lista Office LO has held numerous workshops, launched pilot projects, and developed samples as it rises to each new challenge. It’s a win-win situation: everyone involved is more efficient, more productive, and – last but by no means least – happy working in their attractive workplaces.