Redesign of a 1,500 square meters office at SMC Pneumatik AG


“The changes in our offices have had an impact on the entire company culture.”

Edy Brüschweiler, Finance & Admin. Manager, SMC Pneumatik AG

SMC Pneumatik AG

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LO Motion XXL, LO One, LO Drawer units, LO Locker, LO D1, Vitra/Workbays


More modern, more open, more focused on communication


When SMC Pneumatik AG in Weisslingen had its offices redesigned, it immediately transformed the company’s communication culture too.

Previously, a long, narrow corridor provided access to the individual offices. The open-plan office was cluttered and filled with tall items of furniture, dividing walls and plants. Moreover, individual team members sometimes sat a long way apart, which made internal communication more difficult. The offices in SMC Pneumatik AG’s 90s-era building in Weisslingen in the Canton of Zurich urgently needed a redesign. “We wanted to create a motivating working environment that fostered communication between the departments,” according to Edy Brüschweiler, finance and admin manager. The company, with a total workforce of 120, wanted an office with an open, airy atmosphere. In addition, it wanted to replace the ageing office furniture with products such as modern height-adjustable desks.

Working closely with the customer under the direction of Total Office Management, a new design concept was developed for the 1,500 square meters space. The individual and group offices were opened up so that the entire area on the top floor of the company building could be restructured. The result was a multizone concept with 80 workstations and individual offices for members of the management team. A desk sharing system with 16 workstations was created for the 55 field sales staff. There are also spaces for focused work, a project zone, “work lounges” where two to four people can hold meetings, a multifunctional space, an open atrium for small events and meetings and a cafeteria that provides a central place for staff to sit and chat during breaks and lunch. The field sales team now also have personal LO Lockers. The planners used a refreshing, motivating colour scheme in green and yellow.

How has the company found the redesigned office? “The changes in our offices have had an impact on the entire company culture,” Edy Brühschweiler is delighted to report. In the past, people didn’t feel they could spontaneously pop into someone’s individual office, but according to him this inhibition has now disappeared. He also says that the open-plan office design has had a positive effect on internal communication, and praises Total Office Management (TOM) as a creative, reliable and punctual partner. TOM was responsible for the entire redesign process, from initial idea to handover.

The furnishings


Internal communication and the working atmosphere in the 1,500 square meters office have improved noticeably due to the following furnishing systems.


Booth systems for focused working or small meetings.

  • Configurations in countless different forms and dimensions
  • Lots of different options for open-plan offices
  • Create secluded zones in the office without installing permanent structures

LO One

The highly flexible steel cabinet family.

  • Sliding door, roll front, drawers, open, double door, wardrobe
  • Choose from a variety of functions, extensions and colours
  • Awarded the Red Dot Design Award

LO Locker

The steel cabinet system for zone-based spatial concepts.

  • Upward and downward-opening doors; max. load 15 kg
  • Combination lock – simple and user-friendly
  • Power supply and various organisational elements can be integrated

LO Caddies / LO Drawer units

The storage system to keep things tidy next to and underneath desks.

  • Various size and material configurations
  • Flexible divider options for perfect organisation
  • Designed to match LO desks and cabinet systems

LO Motion XXL

The extra-large table system for team and project work.

  • Workspaces can be customised in versatile ways (double, team, project) for meetings, workshops and presentations
  • Incredibly simple incremental height adjustment from 720 to 820 mm
  • Lots of functional and organisational components



  • A pleasant working atmosphere
  • Improved communication
  • Optimised internal processes and workflows
  • Greater transparency within the teams
  • Space required per employee reduced from 18.7 to 15.02 square metres