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«Optimised acoustics make open-plan working much more enjoyable.»

Giulia Facchino, Specialist, CSR Riviera

CSR Riviera, Vevey

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Social services

Lista Office LO

Number of workstations


Lista Office LO

LO Extend, LO Motion, LO Mindport, LO QUB, LO Drawer units/Caddies


Ready for anything


Balancing transparency and privacy: as a regional social centre for 14 municipalities in the canton of Vaud, the CSR Riviera in Vevey needs an efficiently organised office set-up that supports both open teamwork and confidential consultation and casework.

The concept

The staff at the Centre Social Régional (CSR) Riviera advise and assist individuals who require social support. Their work involves difficult questions and delicate decisions. This makes a friendly working environment especially valuable for staff and service-users alike.

As a public institution, the CSR Riviera needs to be as accessible to the community as possible while ensuring efficient and secure processes. The employees also want a modern office space that offers strong support for their demanding work. In partnership with Lista Office LO, it was possible to combine these strengths into an attractive solution that defies the stereotype of a bureaucratic office.

The CSR Riviera’s reception area is highly transparent. The open, acoustically optimised workstations are positioned right by the client desk. This makes it possible to flexibly combine providing advice at the desk with processing dossiers. Confidential client meetings take place in individual offices with an additional meeting table. A carefully designed filing system that is integrated into the spatial structure makes it easier for employees to work on dossiers while maximising available space at the workstations.


The furnishings


Across an area of approx. 1,696 m2, these furnishing systems ensure optimum flow in the daily work at the CSR Riviera:

  • LO Extend Sitting/Standing Work Tables
  • LO Motion Work Tables
  • LO Mindport interior furnishing system
  • LO QUB Cabinet- and Wallmodules
  • LO Caddies / Drawer units

The LO QUB modules offer valuable storage space while acting as space dividers. LO Mindport provides a covered space with sound insulation where documents can be printed and copied out of view.

LO Extend

The smart, agile and cutting-edge desk and table family.

  • Sitting/standing desk, incremental adjustment, fixed height, meeting table
  • Lots of legroom (T-leg, no crossbeam); exemplary conformity with norms
  • Third level with multipurpose rail, screen and desk modules

LO Mindport

The award-winning booth system for futureproof offices.

  • User-friendly plug and play solution
  • Does not need to be directly connected to the building’s ventilation system
  • Awarded the Red Dot Design Award


LO Motion

The table family that maximises flexibility and function.

  • Conference table, side table/printer table, club table, counter table
  • Robust four-leg steel subframe for timeless elegance
  • Precisely configurable to 50 mm increments; extra-large dimensions up to 3200 x 1200 mm

LO Caddies / LO Drawer units

The storage system to keep things tidy next to and underneath desks.

  • Various size and material configurations
  • Flexible divider options for perfect organisation
  • Designed to match LO desks and cabinet systems

LO Qub

The agile steel cabinet system that can be moved around, adapted or extended.

  • Modules can be easily reconfigured without tools
  • Open, drawers, doors, double door
  • Central locking across multiple modules



The success

  • More efficient processing of casework via dossier storage with a colour-coded system and organiser panels (use of third level)
  • Spatial structure and acoustic panels enable greater concentration
  • Friendlier and more secure design of reception area for service-users (custom-made desk system by Lista Office LO)
  • Filing and spatial divider functions combined to increase available space
  • Efficient document production in separate print/copy islands