Rapp moves into a new office in Basel’s Dreispitz district


“As a long-established Basel company, we are pleased that a Swiss company, Lista Office LO, came out on top in our evaluation of suppliers.”

Markus Widmer, Managing director of Rapp Architekten

Rapp Management AG

Industry group
architecture and engineering

Lista Office LO

Number of staff

Number of workstations 

Interior fittings/fixtures: Rapp Architekten AG / Rapp Gebäudetechnik AG
Interior furnishings: front office design | Christian Kohler AG

LO Extend, LO Motion, LO One, LO Drawer units, Vitra/Alcove Sofa, LISTA/L1006 universal shelving


A spacious new office with loft character


Four Rapp Group subsidiaries have moved into a new office in the midst of the booming Freilager-Platz quarter, just outside Basel. Working together under a single roof creates valuable synergies. The office furniture from Lista Office LO underscores the loft-style character and the focus on modernity and quality.

The Rapp Group subsidiaries specialise in different fields within the buildings industry (including architecture, operational and support structure planning and building technology). But although their work often overlaps, until now they have been based at separate offices in Basel. According to Markus Widmer, managing director of Rapp Architekten, not enough use was being made of potential synergies. When the opportunity arose for all four companies to move into a shared office building, located in a former warehouse (Transitlager) in the Dreispitz district between Basel and Münchenstein, it opened up exciting new possibilities for collaboration – for example, during complex projects involving multiple subsidiaries.

An open-plan office for 160 staff was created, with a total floor space of approx. 3,000 square metres. The brightly lit rooms, with a large window looking out onto Freilager-Platz, are divided into separate zones for work, meetings and peace and quiet. Rapp wanted the new furniture to complement the subtle colour scheme and materials in creating a harmonious, contemporary and transparent ambience, and chose office furniture manufacturer Lista Office LO to realise this vision. “As a long-established Basel company, we are pleased that a Swiss company, Lista Office LO, came out on top in our evaluation of suppliers. Another key decision criterion was the use of suitable materials for the former warehouse; steel is a high-quality material that offers many benefits,” according to Markus Widmer.

Markus Widmer is full of praise for Lista Office LO’s excellent work: “The Lista Office LO staff were very valuable planning partners and did great work. We are very pleased with the quality, service and aftercare.” The new team culture and cross-division synergies have also developed positively. The staff feel very comfortable in the open-plan, loft-style office.

The furnishings


The following furniture systems support focused work and both internal (within the teams/subsidiaries) and external communication:

LO Extend

The smart, agile and cutting-edge desk and table family.

  • Sitting/standing desk, incremental adjustment, fixed height, meeting table
  • Lots of legroom (T-leg, no crossbeam); exemplary conformity with norms
  • Third level with multipurpose rail, screen and desk modules


Booth systems for focused working or small meetings.

  • Configurations in countless different forms and dimensions
  • Lots of different options for open-plan offices
  • Create secluded zones in the office without installing permanent structures

LO One

The highly flexible steel cabinet family.

  • Sliding door, roll front, drawers, open, double door, wardrobe
  • Choose from a variety of functions, extensions and colours
  • Awarded the Red Dot Design Award

LO Motion

The table family that maximises flexibility and function.

  • Conference table, side table/printer table, club table, counter table
  • Robust four-leg steel subframe for timeless elegance
  • Precisely configurable to 50 mm increments; extra-large dimensions up to 3200 x 1200 mm

LO Caddies / LO Drawer units

The storage system to keep things tidy next to and underneath desks.

  • Various size and material configurations
  • Flexible divider options for perfect organisation
  • Designed to match LO desks and cabinet systems



  • Spacious, inspiring office atmosphere
  • Inter-team, cross-division synergies
  • Lower maintenance costs due to having one office instead of four