Office refurbishment – at the office outfitters!


«The workstations and our working environment are a real-life test field where we can showcase what Lista Office LO and its partners can create.»

Markus Basler, Project Development & Innovation, Lista Office LO

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Harmonising individual requirements with “shop window” effect


Lista Office LO has given the offices at its own Arnegg site a complete makeover. Just as they would for any customer project, the specialist office outfitters came up with a design optimised to the needs of the people using the space. However, the refurbished premises also serve as a large showroom where visitors and customers can see the transformed space in action.

The concept

Before the refurbishments, the Arnegg site was home to IT and Order handling. After the office refit, the CFO, HR, Controlling and Accounting departments also moved in. Lista Office LO treated the project like any customer project, reimagining the office space in line with user needs. However, here on its own premises it went one step further, creating a showcase of functional variety in the furnishings, designs and colour schemes. The result highlights the wealth of possibilities available from Lista Office LO and its trading partners. The newly refurbished Arnegg offices now represent a showroom for the company. “The delicate balancing act between spaces where people can work, and this showroom functionality, was the biggest challenge for this project,” says Markus Basler, responsible for Project Development & Innovation at Lista Office LO.

Each team has its own clearly delineated zone with quiet oases created using room-in-room elements. There are also three meeting rooms designed for four to ten people. Mobile furniture transforms the large assembly room into a project work zone – and a space that is simultaneously perfect for customer presentations. The coffee area boasts a friendly colour scheme and a variety of seating options that make the space inviting for breaks, relaxing, discussions or work. This welcoming space, along with the newly open-plan offices, fosters casual encounters. Markus Basler is delighted by the results: “I value the personal contact with the different departments – I can ask questions or raise issues directly”. Circular windows in the coffee area offer a direct view into the assembly workshop where Lista Office LO is busy manufacturing new office furniture for its customers.

“We used as many custom solutions as possible when selecting the tabletops and colour schemes for the counter furniture,” says Markus Basler. “I believe it’s part of our added value at Lista Office LO that we offer such a wide range of design options and can put together a highly individual scheme like this.” Visitors and customers can take a tour through the offices and judge the results for themselves. For Lista Office LO’s own staff, the new working environment is a living test environment. Their feedback helps improve how Lista Office LO advises its customers.


The furnishings


The furniture, designs and colour schemes are diverse – but every one designed as part of the whole to meet user needs. The office space features individual workstations, room-in-room elements, meeting rooms, project work zones and the coffee area.

LO Extend

The smart, agile and cutting-edge desk and table family.

  • Sitting/standing desk, incremental adjustment, fixed height, meeting table
  • Lots of legroom (T-leg, no crossbeam); exemplary conformity with norms
  • Third level with multipurpose rail, screen and desk modules


The booth system for islands of calm in hectic offices.

  • Maximum functionality in a minimum of space
  • Easy to assemble, reconfigure and disassemble
  • Does not need to be directly connected to the building’s ventilation system


Booth systems for focused working or small meetings.

  • Configurations in countless different forms and dimensions
  • Lots of different options for open-plan offices
  • Create secluded zones in the office without installing permanent structures

LO Next

The room divider and shelving system for completely flexible office design.

  • Individual shelf units, middle shelf units (linkable together without limit) and end shelf units
  • Can be customized on both sides with drawers, doors and back panels without tools
  • In various widths, desk shapes and subframes

LO One

The highly flexible steel cabinet family.

  • Sliding door, roll front, drawers, open, double door, wardrobe
  • Choose from a variety of functions, extensions and colours
  • Awarded the Red Dot Design Award

LO Cockpit

The mobile desk for agile project teams.

  • Maximum mobility thanks to castors and foot rest that doubles as a bag holder
  • Organic design
  • Pneumatic height adjustment (no power required)


The success

  • Opening up a cubicle layout into an open-plan office space
  • Functional and visually fresh characterisation of the different zones
  • Interplay of dedicated spaces for focused work, discussion, project work, quiet oases and recreation