New Basler world of work


«In the new workplace, we can form teams flexibly and select the ideal infrastructure for upcoming tasks.»

Jürgen Bartels, LHead of Software Engineering, Basler Versicherungen

Basler Versicherungen, Basel

Industry group

Lista Office LO

Number of staff

Number of workstations

Total Office Management

LO Extend, LO Mindport, LO One, LO Locker


Space for agility


Freedom to choose combined with efficient use of space. Basler Versicherungen’s new workplace proves that consolidation and space don’t have to be opposites. Employees can flexibly choose where to work depending on the task and team – and as an added bonus, this significantly reduces the amount of office space that is required overall. In order to ensure an optimum balance between flexibility and efficiency, the transformation was supported by the research of Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

The concept

Home base, business garden or quiet zone? The “new Basel workplace” offers attractive zones with ten ergonomically optimised workstation types. This adds variety to everyday work and makes projects more agile – while requiring 15% less space than an open-plan office.

The “new Basel workplace” is based on two facts: modern project work requires greater agility, and every day up to 40% of workstations in classic offices are unoccupied. The spatial concept that Lista Office LO has developed for Basler Versicherungen combines more agile support for work with more efficient use of space by means of flexible-use work zones.

Employees’ familiar workstations are located in the home base. The business garden offers space for creativity and individuality. For focused work, you can withdraw into the quiet zone, while the think tanks provide space for confidential discussions. The media wall is an ideal spot for short standing meetings. Workshops and larger meetings take place in the arena. A central success factor: the place where employees work is never fixed, but can be chosen according to the task and project team.


The furnishings


Across an area of 2,645 m2, these furnishing systems ensure optimum flow in the daily work at Basler Versicherungen:

  • LO Business Garden Tables (customised)
  • LO Quiet Area Tables (customised)
  • LO Extend Sitting/Standing Work Tables
  • LO Mindport interior furnishing system
  • LO One Storage units for teams
  • LO Lockers
  • Preform acoustic wall elements

The sitting and standing tables and acoustic panels optimise ergonomics and concentration. The lighting concept allows employees to choose between brighter and dimmer areas, contributing to better performance.

LO Extend

The smart, agile and cutting-edge desk and table family.

  • Sitting/standing desk, incremental adjustment, fixed height, meeting table
  • Lots of legroom (T-leg, no crossbeam); exemplary conformity with norms
  • Third level with multipurpose rail, screen and desk modules

LO Mindport

The award-winning booth system for futureproof offices.

  • User-friendly plug and play solution
  • Does not need to be directly connected to the building’s ventilation system
  • Awarded the Red Dot Design Award


LO One

The highly flexible steel cabinet family.

  • Sliding door, roll front, drawers, open, double door, wardrobe
  • Choose from a variety of functions, extensions and colours
  • Awarded the Red Dot Design Award

LO Locker

The steel cabinet system for zone-based spatial concepts.

  • Upward and downward-opening doors; max. load 15 kg
  • Combination lock – simple and user-friendly
  • Power supply and various organisational elements can be integrated



  • Differentiated zones for greater agility and productivity
  • Ten ergonomically and acoustically optimised workstation types
  • 70% of employees work more efficiently and effectively
  • Required space per employee reduced from 9 to 7.5 m2
  • 25% reduction in operating costs for rent, furniture and upkeep