For a flexible office:
Lista Office LO products

A futureproof office needs futureproof products. At Lista Office LO, the products of the future are already available today. Where and how do you want to make your work stronger? Lista Office LO provides all you need to do so: desks and tables, cabinets and storage solutions, booths and room dividers, meeting and project furniture, seating and lighting.

Ready for the future

Every success needs a solid foundation. Lista Office LO provides all the options you need for stylish, futureproof office design: standard desks, height-adjustable desks, sitting/standing desks, side tables, meeting tables, conference tables, functional tables – and many more.

Overview of desks and tables

Cabinet systems:
No limits to your growth

The more open your workplace concept is, the smarter your storage needs to be. Lista Office LO opens up an almost unlimited range of efficient, stylish design options for all work zones and all types of storage solution.

Overview of cabinet systems

Perfect inner harmony

Bring design, comfort and efficient use of space into harmony. Enclosed cabins for focused work and meetings without disturbances, open islands for agile work and informal meetings, functional modules such as cloakrooms or copy stations: Lista Office LO has booths for every application.

Overview of booth/lounge

Creating innovative offices

The more agile the office, the more important well-functioning teamwork is. Lista Office LO’s furniture and systems create zones for creativity and discussion where ideas flow freely. In meetings, workshops or conferences.

Overview of meeting/projects

Small helpers with a big impact.

Functionality isn’t merely a question of the right system, but also of the right accessories. And it’s a bonus if these accessories also look good when functioning.

Overview of accessories

The best seats in the house

When seats and desks go together perfectly, that’s good teamwork. Take your seat: at Lista Office branches and at our partner retailers, you can find a selection of top-quality seats and chairs that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Overview of seats

Like what you see?

Lista Office LO brings outstanding lighting and design to workplaces. Where do you need which light? What intensity is required? What shape should the lights be? Thanks to our partnership with leading brands, we are able to offer a wide-ranging and high-quality selection of lighting systems.

Overview of lights