Brings movement into the office: The LO Move-App

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What's the point of having the optimum sitting/standing table if you don't move it? With the LO Move-App, available exclusive from Lista Office LO, that won't happen. The principle is simple but effective: you define your daily movement targets, and the app displays a reminder on the computer screen to let you know when you need to switch the table height.

Your options with the LO Move-App:

Control the sitting/standing table

Time to stand up? The cable connecting your computer to the control unit on your sitting/standing table allows you to adjust the height setting at a click of your mouse as well as via the table's own controls.

Save positions

In the LO Move-App, you can save three different table height settings and configure them at the click of a mouse – regardless of whether or not the control unit on your sitting/standing table has a memory function.

Define time targets

How long do you want to work in a standing position per hour? And how often do you want to switch between sitting and standing? Save your preferences in the LO Move-App and you'll always receive a timely reminder.

Define calorie targets 

How many calories do you want to burn today? Based on your body weight, the LO Move-App calculates how long you need to work in a standing position – and an on-screen display shows you how close you are to your target.

Analyse your movements

A history function enables you to analyse how successful you have been at reaching your targets over an extended period of time. You can even save the statistics as an Excel file – so that, for instance, you can compare values within your team.

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Do you want to use the LO Move-App too in order to make everyday work in the office healthier and more dynamic? You're just three small steps away from this goal.

1. Ensure that your table is compatible

The LO Move-App functions with all LO Extend sitting/standing tables and all LO Choice sitting/standing tables manufactured after 2012. For more information on this topic, see the FAQ.

2. Connect your computer to the table

In order to connect your computer or laptop to the control unit on your sitting/standing table, you need a special cable. You can buy one in any LO branch or via our online order form. You can find information about connecting the cable in the FAQ.

Order connecting cable

3. Install LO Move-App

PC or Mac? Simply download the version you need free of charge and install it on your computer or laptop. In order to make optimum use of the software, read the separate instructions for use (PDF, 546 KB).

LO Move-App for PC

LO Move-App for Mac

LO Move-App FAQ

(for questions about how to use the app, please see the instructions for use)

How can I tell which sitting/standing table model I have?

  • LO Extend sitting/standing tables can be identified quite easily from the cap with the LO logo on the side. The LO Move-App functions with all LO Extend sitting/standing tables.

  • LO Choice sitting/standing tables manufactured after 2012 are compatible. If the control unit on your table has rounded edges, it's definitely a newer model. If the control unit looks different, you can find the year of manufacture on the control unit label (remove tabletop). Your LO partner will be happy to help with any questions.

How do I connect the cable?

  • The control unit for LO Extend sitting/standing tables is freely accessible underneath the tabletop. Connect one end of the cable to a free port on the control unit and the other end to a USB port on your computer.

  • With LO Choice sitting/standing tables, you need to remove the tabletop in order to connect the cable to a free port on the control unit. Then replace the tabletop and connect the other end of the cable to one of your computer's USB ports.

Is there also a server solution for the LO Move-App?

Not at present. The software must be installed directly on the computer or laptop that is connected to the table control unit.  

Please stand up!

According to a recent study by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, the average Swiss person spends four to five hours per day sitting down – and one in six people spend 8.5 hours sitting down. That's too much, which is why doctors, occupational therapists and expert bodies like the bfu and Suva recommend carrying out a portion of your work while standing up – with clear benefits for companies and employees.

As a rule of thumb: two thirds of your time sitting, and a third standing.

How often should you switch between sitting and standing? Matthias Emmenegger, certified occupational therapist at Ergoplan, recommends the following: "A sitting/standing table makes it possible to work from a standing position once or twice an hour. However, the periods you spend standing shouldn't exceed 20 minutes."

By alternating between sitting and standing, you can prevent health problems.

Switching between sitting and standing takes the strain off your spine, discs and back muscles. In addition, studies have shown that more frequent standing reduces the risk of diabetes, circulatory conditions and even certain forms of cancer.

By alternating between sitting and standing, you burn more calories.

When standing, we burn around 50 more calories per hour than if we sit. The precise rate depends on factors including body weight. That's why the LO Move app gives you the option to record your weight and hence define concrete targets for burning calories.

By alternating between sitting and standing, you keep your mind and body active.

If you always sit or always stand, you get tired more quickly and place an excessively one-sided strain on your body. A healthy balance between working in a sitting and a standing position results in more movement, and hence in better regeneration of our performance and concentration.  

Healthier, slimmer and more productive thanks to optimum balance: three compelling reasons to choose the LO sitting/standing tables – and to use the LO Move-App to ensure success.

Your choice of tables

Your choice of tables

Are you still looking for a sitting/standing table that's compatible with the LO Move app? With LO Choice and LO Extend, you can choose between two table concepts with variable height adjustment – developed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the latest standards, and tried and tested in practical applications.

LO Choice

The sitting/standing table that leaves nothing to be desired.

Stand while working, sit for meetings. Or vice versa. A piece of modern office furniture that can be tailored to the needs of employees. A dynamic concept with an outstandingly ergonomic design that has a positive effect on performance and well-being: LO Choice.

Find out more about LO Choice

LO Extend

The sitting/standing table with an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Stay on top of the ups and downs of office life. Move your body freely – for a more dynamic workplace. Everything to hand, nothing in the way. The new generation of sitting/standing tables that add new dimensions to the workplace. Lista Office LO presents: LO Extend.

Find out more about LO Extend