Truly unique: LO Next

What’s next? For the office of the future, the answer is clear: the new room divider and shelving system from Lista Office LO injects individuality and dynamism into every office.

Like this, like this, like this or like this – with Lista Office LO, office design is more than either/or. The new room divider and shelving system LO Next injects adaptability and unique atmosphere into every office. The individual shelf unit is highly versatile and eye-catching all by itself. And the possibilities really become endless when you add middle and end shelf units into the mix. The office furniture system designed by Swiss design duo Carmen and Urs Greutmann impresses on two fronts. Firstly, as a room divider that allows you to create separate zones and give structure to open spaces without losing the bright and breezy ambience. Secondly, as a practical, versatile storage solution that can be used for more than just folders and hanging files: the shelves are also the perfect place to display the Lego prototype from the last design thinking challenge or the trophy from the latest team event. LO Next provides an attractive showcase that reflects employees’ personalities and bolsters a company’s identity.

The LO Next shelf modules can be fitted with functional elements from both sides. You can use the same elements in all the shelf units, or different ones in each module. The drawers, doors and diverse back panels in various designs can be fitted without tools and switched around in a matter of moments. The back panels simply clip into a slot on the sheet steel vertical supports. Additional dividers and organisational elements help keep things even tidier. LO Next can be extended vertically up to a height equal to five files.

The room divider and shelving system is available with or without end covers on the sides. The LO Next bases, tops and middle shelves are available with square or rounded corners, and come in genuine wood veneer, synthetic resin coating, velvety “Perfect Matt” (fingerprint-free) or sheet steel. The feet have an integrated levelling function and can be adjusted from above. In the smallest model, the individual shelf unit is alternatively available with castors.

Open display or closed storage – or a freely configurable combination of both: LO Next makes strong offices both highly flexible and highly attractive.

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