With FlexOffice, renting office furniture couldn’t be easier

FlexOffice is an innovative Swiss office network dedicated to making businesses more agile. The young start-up’s specially designed spaces offer companies a new workplace model that allows them to continuously adapt their office use to current needs in an incredibly simple and straightforward way.

Quality and speed
You need more office space for your growing team? No problem. Standing desks for more comfort? Sure thing! A whiteboard for creative meetings? Right away.
FlexOffice has partnered with Lista Office LO so that, on request, it can supply its tenants with high-quality office furniture at short notice. Together, the two companies have developed a revolutionary service that embodies FlexOffice’s fundamental principles of quality and speed.

Furniture as a service
The innovative furniture-as-a-service offering is perfectly tailored to the expectations of forward-looking modern companies. Instead of expending lots of time and money on buying, assembling and disposing of office furniture, companies can now rent infrastructure on demand.
With the new service, FlexOffice can order or return furniture for its customers on an individual daily basis using a simple online interface (at the click of a mouse, so to speak). Lista Office LO will then dispatch a team to deliver or collect the furniture within the next five days.

A strong partnership
«Our partnership with Lista Office LO is a perfect fit for our vision and philosophy,» explains Andreas Brandl, FlexOffice’s strategy manager and co-founder. «Our ambition is to be able to cater to our tenants’ individual needs on an ongoing basis. Thanks to Lista Office LO and their Switzerland-wide distribution network, we can now guarantee them a personalised, high-speed service for furniture and infrastructure too.»

Supporting the circular economy
«Our partnership with Lista Office LO gives our furniture a second life, since renting office furniture also means sharing, recycling and reusing it,» says Brandl. «That allows us to play a key role in the circular economy and further reduce our carbon footprint. Which is something we’re very pleased about.»

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