Partnership for an agile working world

Lista Office LO is VillageOffice’s new partner. By joining forces, these companies have underlined their shared aim of creating modern office worlds that meet today’s demands in a decentralised world of work.

Swiss family business Lista Office LO is a new partner to VillageOffice, providing professional furnishing and management of coworking spaces. The Swiss modern office specialist was already involved in setting up a coworking office at the Alte Poststelle in Lichtensteig. Lista Office LO also supports the Coworking Experience research project which VillageOffice is conducting in collaboration with the University of St. Gallen. This offers companies the opportunity to utilise coworking 1:1 while having its effect scientifically evaluated. Participating employees can use VillageOffice’s broad facilities for a year, giving them the choice of one of over 50 VillageOffices in addition to the working environment they are accustomed to.

With its presence at three production locations and ten of its own sites in Switzerland, Lista Office LO knows the importance to industry of decentralised working. “VillageOffice is an idea that I can imagine working in the place I live. It builds bridges between the worlds of work and living,” says Franziska Lienhard Nava, President of the Board of Directors at Lista Office Group AG. Remo Rusca, partner at VillageOffice, adds: “It’s about balancing flexibility at work for the future. VillageOffice encompasses every stakeholder. We’ve found a strategic partner in Lista Office LO who shares our values and wants to support decentralised working in the new digital era.”

With its sustainable values, Lista Office LO is the ideal partner for VillageOffice. High ecological and social standards characterise its products and solutions. Products of this quality create inspiring and innovative office worlds of the kind VillageOffice needs. The two companies will be implementing shared and balanced solutions that utilise the opportunities of digital transformation and the modern world of work.

“Working detached from space and time.”

Franziska Lienhard Nava, Board of Directors, Lista Office Group

An interview with Franziska Lienhard Nava, President of the Board of Directors and owner of Lista Office Group AG

VillageOffice: Ms Lienhard Nava, what do you like about the idea of VillageOffice?
Working where you live, where your children go to school. VillageOffice offers services that reduce commuting but without me having to work at my home office. I can reach a decentralised office in less than 15 minutes, where I can use a professional working environment. It also allows me the opportunity of making new contacts, actively involving myself in village life and supporting local businesses. And when my children come home from school, I can be there in time for them without facing the rush-hour traffic.

VillageOffice: Does that mean headquarters are no longer needed?
No. I would not use a decentralised office all the time, because it will continue to be important to commute to headquarters – but simply not every day.

VillageOffice: What does an office have to provide to assist ideally in agile working?
More and more work is detached from space and time. The offices of the future will offer added value by helping people to perform, communicate and collaborate, and by promoting involvement and pride.

VillageOffice: How does that affect the way an office is designed?
Future offices will offer an attractive range of differentiated zones, giving you the choice of using the best workplace for the activity you have to do. The office will also serve as a place of meeting, offering companies the opportunity to give physical expression to their identity and enabling people to experience agile working methods intuitively. At Lista Office LO we have developed a sophisticated multi-zone office which can be adjusted to each company’s profile.

VillageOffice: Today’s office workers have varied demands. Some need their own office, others work best without a fixed workplace and prefer to move around. What does this mean for Lista Office LO as an office furnisher and how will this development continue?
The key is giving people a choice in a multi-zone office to use the workplace best suited to their activity. You could call it the democratisation of offices – everything now belongs to everyone. If I need a separate office because my work demands it, then I can use one. But if I’m producing creative solutions in a team, an office for one person will hardly be the right place to do that. What you need of course is an attractive range of differentiated zones providing diversity instead of monotony. 

The VillageOffice cooperative was founded in 2016 and promotes new forms of working and the establishment of a Swiss network of VillageOffice Partner Spaces. These are coworking spaces, embedded in local service providers. Engagement Migros, the Swiss government’s coordination office for sustainable mobility (KOMO) and the Innovation Fund Association of Switzerland’s Alternative Bank all support VillageOffice.