Renate Rubi

What kind of workplace do people whose job it is to design and furnish workplaces work in? In the series MyWorkplace, members of the Lista Office LO team talk about the place where they spend most of their waking lives. Today, it’s the turn of Renate Rubi, admin assistant at LO Bern.

Renate, how did you end up at Lista Office LO?
I was working for one of Lista Office LO’s sales partners, so I was already familiar with the company’s products and processes. That meant I was able to settle in very quickly.

What does your role at Lista Office LO involve?
As an admin assistant in the in-house sales team at LO Bern, I deal with phone and email enquiries from our customers. I support field sales staff with their projects, from drawing up quotes to order entry, and am also responsible for coordinating delivery schedules between suppliers, our logistics team and customers. Last but not least, I manage billing for completed orders.

What’s the first thing you reach for when you get to work on a Monday morning?
Before switching on my laptop, my first port of call each day is the coffee maker.

What’s your own workplace like?
I have a permanent spot in the office, with a sitting-standing desk by the window and an LO Next to store files. All my most important things, like a calculator, calendar and pens, are stored in a Vitra Toolbox.

What things are indispensable in your office?
A sense of humour. A good team.

What else is important?
My phone and charger, a bottle of still water and the coffee maker.

The FLOW workshop uses animal figures to represent different office types. Which animal would you be?
It’d be hard to pick just one animal.
I’m: A little bit penguin – a penguin represents my communicative side. As someone who’s always fielding all sorts of queries from all sorts of people, both members of my team and customers, I love communicating and sharing my knowledge.

A little bit octopus – as a multitasker with a highly varied role, I like to keep on top of things. I love being organised and taking responsibility.

A little bit gorilla – in terms of my energy and passion. I’m proud to be part of the Lista Office LO team and give my all to my work. I appreciate the beautiful design and good quality of our office furniture, as well as the motivating working environment .

Final question: what makes you a Monday lover?
I love the varied nature of my role, and enjoy working independently within a great team and in a design-centric workplace.

«Do more of what makes you happy.»

Renate Rubi, sales and admin assistant, LO Bern

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