Fabio Terriaca

What kind of workplace do people whose job it is to design and furnish workplaces work in? In the series MyWorkplace, members of the Lista Office LO team talk about the place where they spend most of their waking lives. Today, it’s the turn of Fabio Terriaca, project manager at LO East Switzerland.

Fabio, how did you end up at Lista Office LO?
I was already working in the industry. Lista Office LO was my customer first, now I’m part of the team myself. Since I was already familiar with the company, it didn’t take me long to settle in.

What does your role at Lista Office LO involve?
As a sales project manager, I advise customers in the Thurgau and Schaffhausen region on developing and implementing solutions for their offices.

What’s the first item you pick up when you get to work on a Monday morning?
My smartphone and a cup of coffee, though not always in that order.

What’s your own workplace like?
I actually have four. My office here in St Gallen, my home office, my customers’ offices and then as a fourth “office” my car, which transports me between the other workplaces.

What things are indispensable in your office?
Pens, a coffee maker and a sense of humour.

What else is important?
I always have my car keys and sunglasses for when I’m out and about, plus a toothbrush that I use before every customer meeting.

Do you also run FLOW workshops?
During the year or so I’ve been at Lista Office LO, I’ve run two workshops, though I also learn a lot from the needs analysis presentations in customer meetings. Someone who takes the time to do this workshop with their team will come away with a lot of interesting ideas for ways of working more effectively in future.

The FLOW workshop uses animal figures to represent different office types. Which animal would you be?
I’d be a bear. Dependable and straightforward, but a bit grouchy in the morning until I’ve had my coffee.

Final question: what makes you a Monday lover?
On Mondays, I’m usually at the St Gallen office, so it’s the mix of my amazing colleagues and the coffee. Every day of the week, I also enjoy working with customers to develop office solutions that make other people into Monday lovers too.

«I enjoy making other people into Monday lovers too with our office solutions.»

Fabio Terriaca, sales project manager, LO East Switzerland

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