Newly fledged: the LO Plug carrier pigeon – made in Degersheim

A handwritten note, a crucial memo, an urgent email … the Lista Office LO carrier pigeon makes sure important messages reach their intended recipient. Or looks after them once they’ve arrived. And thanks to its magnetic feet, the Design Award-winning steel messenger bird can perch almost anywhere. Our short video shows how it is made and fledged.

Lista Office LO’s production plant in Degersheim presents an impressive example of what you can make out of a 0.75 mm steel sheet if you have the necessary expertise and years of experience: an elegant, refined carrier pigeon that delights people of all ages.

Die-cut, lasered, bent, welded, powder-coated, assembled – before finally taking wing
Beautiful things take time. And skilled hands, a trained eye and high-tech machines. The LO Plug manufacturing process involves 7 stages. It all started with an idea by creative designer Tiziana Vögtli. Her design for the LO Plug carrier pigeon won the LO Design Award audience prize. So our bird is not just an appealing gimmick to show off what we can do but also an award-winning beauty.

Not just steel, but wood too
Steel or wood? It’s not either/or: Lista Office LO’s development and production expertise encompasses steel and wood in all their different varieties and in combination with textiles and other materials. Meaning that discerning customers can have the best of both worlds – according to their taste and required functions.

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