LO One: beyond storage

Whether it’s used as a room divider, presentation space or standing desk, LO One is an office cabinet that offers unlimited flexibility – making it the ideal accompaniment to the office of the future.

Much of the work at the Arnegg plant revolves around LO One. Two robots and 66 employees produce around 42,000 units of the model for Lista Office LO each year – using over 2,400 tonnes of steel in the process. The robots weld together the structural elements rapidly and precisely, while the human workers assemble the individual parts by hand. The plant only produces to order. The cabinet is tailored to customers’ individual requirements.

With a roll front, sliding doors or drawers? Lockable or not? With hanging files, bookends or a paper collector? Absolute flexibility is the signature feature of the cabinet system. It fulfils the high standards of versatility that modern offices demand.

Are cabinets still necessary in an increasingly digital world of work? The answer is yes, but the time of grey, bulky, unmoveable giants is over. The era of flexible, customisable solutions has now begun. LO One is more than just a place to store files. A range of extension options and elements are available to transform it into a temporary standing desk, a display case, a workspace or a stand for plants.

The supplementary LO One extensions add a new dimension to the office: the counter element is ideal for the reception area, while the book unit is ideal for lounge or waiting areas. The «office garden» creates a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere – with space for plants, which function as a natural privacy screen. A cabinet extension that doubles as a privacy screen and reduces noise. A display case that provides space to display objects.

These concepts represent just a small selection of ideas for expanding the system. Because LO One is far more than a simple cabinet. The days when Lista Office LO was only focused on individual items of furniture are long gone – the company now offers integrated, holistic concepts for the office of the future.

This holistic approach can be seen in one of the other LO One models: the «acoustic» version absorbs a large portion of the ambient noise. This allows employees to concentrate better and work more productively – a crucial advantage in offices where walls are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. As well as the breadth and depth of the product range, the LO One family also boasts attractive design. In 2012, LO One received the Red Dot Design Award in recognition of this.

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