LO Next: taking flexibility to the next level

The new room divider and shelving system from Lista Office LO fits seamlessly into any home or office and is fully customisable. Whether you need a shelving unit, counter or space for storage or display, with LO Next you’re always ready for any challenge life throws at you.

“Show me how you live or work, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Rooms tell you a lot about someone. We all bring different strengths to bear at different times, because there are many different facets to our personalities. Wouldn’t it be nice if our furniture could be adapted to our individuality? That was the idea behind the flexible new room divider and shelving system developed by Lista Office LO, which can be rearranged and transformed in next to no time. The diverse range of heights, widths, materials, colours and elements allows each LO Next unit to be individually configured.

You can reconfigure the LO Next elements fitted in the units at any time: simply combine them together and click them in place. The space-saving flatpack design allows LO Next to be transported and stored practically.

Any number of LO Next units can be linked together, and they can be customised on both sides with doors, drawers and back panels. In this way, LO Next can be transformed from a shelving unit to a room divider, from a room divider to a counter, from a counter to a sideboard, from a sideboard to a storage or display space. Turn LO Next into whatever piece of furniture you need right now. Create new room structures, workspaces or meeting areas, and use the diverse elements to fully personalise your set-up.

LO Next was developed in collaboration with the Swiss designer duo Carmen and Urs Greutmann. The flexible concept, high-quality materials and versatile applications are sure to make LO Next your new favourite piece of furniture. At work or at home, LO Next gives you the flexibility to make any space truly unique and individual – and to keep doing so over and over again.

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