High five for strong offices

New methodologies, greater agility, the right environment for every task: the requirements for the perfect workplace are changing. In addition to tried-and-tested products, Lista Office LO also fits out modern offices with new furnishing systems that are tailored to the needs of the office of the future.

Our 2017 product innovations, which are the result of our longstanding partnership with greutmann bolzern designstudio, include new additions to the LO Extend sitting/standing desk and LO One cabinet families: the existing furniture systems are now also available as “twin” models. These models bring even more freedom and flexibility to the office and allow you to make optimum use of space. The table LO D11 boasts superlative design and function. Ideal for strong teamwork, meetings and conferences. Two new products go a step further – LO Studio and LO Cockpit actively support innovative methodologies such as design thinking and Scrum.

LO Extend “twin”: the sitting/standing desk for greater mobility
Double the mobility and freedom in your office: LO Extend “twin”, the new model of the sitting/standing desk, brings ergonomics and success to new heights. The shared leg improves stability without detracting from the design. Quite the opposite, in fact: the shared leg, optional light connection on the table connector and the central privacy screen add up to a highly attractive look. LO Extend “twin” can also be easily extended to create team workspaces.

LO One “twin”: The cabinet you can access from both sides
The world of work is becoming increasingly digital, reducing the need for physical filing and storage. The LO One “twin” cabinet takes account of this development: it can be accessed from both sides, saving space. All LO One modular and organisational elements are also compatible with the “twin” model – for stylish storage that’s always on the right side. The LO One “twin” sliding-door cabinet is also available in an acoustic model.

LO D11: The table solution for meetings and conferences
Big or small. Round or square. Curved or oval. With LO D11, there’s a perfect solution for every office meeting space. The table solution for meetings and conferences creates an inviting environment for innovative teamwork. And it looks good too: the elegant but sturdy steel subframe makes the tabletop almost seem to float.

LO Studio: The workshop system for mobile project spaces
Agile projects are increasingly part of everyday office routine. This demands innovative thinking, close teamwork – and an inspiring environment. LO Studio transforms any space into an innovative laboratory of ideas – even in the face of rapidly changing needs and requirements.

LO Cockpit: The mobile desk for agile project teams
The more agile the work methodology, the more agile the office furniture needs to be too. With LO Cockpit, project teams can rapidly steer their way to new solutions and success. The round shape of the mobile desk fosters innovative thinking both sitting and standing – adjustable between a height of 66 and 132 cm using a pneumatic motor (no power required).

“In modern offices, people and projects flow freely. Accordingly, we think of furniture in terms of tools for agile workplaces, and this is reflected in our designs.”

Carmen and Urs Greutmann,
greutmann bolzern designstudio

 “LO Extend ‘twin’ brings twice the agility to your office. The new sitting/standing desk has a shared leg that improves stability without detracting from the design.”

Raphael Meier, head of product management

“LO D11 combines sophisticated design and freedom of choice. Round, square, rectangular, oval or curved? Big or small? The choice is yours. The steel subframe on each model combines elegant style with robust stability.”

Simon Menzi, product manager

“New methodologies such as design thinking and Scrum foster innovation, and are helping to make Switzerland an even stronger place to do business. Lista Office LO fits out companies with furnishing systems that are precisely tailored to these methods.”


Oliver Hauri, innovation, brand and product management, member of the management team