A sustainable working world.

A sustainable working world.

Sustainability with tradition

Ecological standards, economic requirements, the Green Economy, social responsibility... The demand for sustainable office solutions is greater than ever. But what do sustainable solutions look like in a rapidly changing business world? At Lista Office LO, we‘re not just looking for a quick answer to this question. We’re interested in the most sustainable solution.

Our strategy is founded on constant innovation, a clear commitment to Switzerland as a business location and systematic environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001. These elements are anchored throughout the process of developing, producing and implementing our integrated office solutions.

Furthermore, Lista Office LO is firmly committed to a responsible approach to people and planet. In practical terms, this is visible in our use of recyclable raw materials, the durability of our products, our sustainable material choices and the continuous investments we make to keep improving our environmental footprint.

«Sustainably designed office environments are important to employee satisfaction.»

Christian Mehling, CEO of the Lista Office Group

Respecting mother earth and our natural resources.

Ecological sustainability is part of our nature. That’s why we manufacture our office furniture here in Switzerland, in modern production facilities using sustainable materials.


Steel is natural, robust and durable. We leverage these qualities to minimise material use without compromising on stability. Our new product lines all integrate the Cradle to Cradle Certified® design principle. This model, inspired by nature, describes a cycle in which raw materials circulate from „cradle to cradle“ in a potentially infinite loop. Our LO Next and LO Extend ranges have been Cradle to Cradle Certified® since 2018.

Long lifecycle

Our sustainable designs and high-quality materials guarantee our products will enjoy a long service life. But even when, after around twenty years, they come to the end of their service life, our products have not reached the end of their lifecycle. We offer our customers a minor or major overhaul on the furniture, restoring its original sparkle. We also offer an innovative returns scheme for used office furniture. Depending on the condition of the furniture, we either recondition it for secondhand sale in our furniture exchange, or arrange for environmentally friendly disposal.

Innovative models

Lista Office LO products are also planet friendly during use: for example, we’ve halved the energy consumption for the newest generation of our electrically operated standing desk. We also offer an unpowered alternative, the LO Manus. We are thus making an active contribution to the 2000- Watt society.

An intelligently designed office is the foundation of sustainable success.

We are committed to adapting working environments to the needs of tomorrow‘s world, and thus making an active contribution to our clients‘ strategic and operative success. Our smart spatial designs are the heart of our robust solutions that make working environments more sustainable: ecologically, economically and socially.

Ecologically sustainable: efficient use of space

Usable space is a valuable commodity. It‘s even more important to think sustainably about how the space is used. Lista Office LO develops intelligent spatial designs and workplace solutions optimised for their activities. The result is a reduction in unused space of up to 70 percent, lowering the spatial requirement per employee by approximately 25 percent.

Economically sustainable: workplaces that motivate

Efficient use of space is not just good for the environment: it’s also good for business. The intelligent spatial designs developed by Lista Office LO, featuring flexible zones and office fittings, pay for themselves twice over. Not only do they save on the amount of space needed, which reduces operating costs, but staff can work better and reach their goals more efficiently in workplaces that have been tuned to their activities.

Socially sustainable: healthy, happy workers

Ergonomic standing desks, secure systems for personal storage and restful, quiet break areas promote employee wellbeing and make the workplace more appealing. Office spaces fitted out by Lista Office LO make an active contribution to employee health, satisfaction and identification with the company.

Environmental sustainability as part of the design.

Machine production harbours huge potential for ecologically sustainable development.

Environmental management
Accepting responsibility has been standard at Lista Office LO for fifty years. Since 1973, we’ve been maintaining energy statistics, nowadays integrated into our ISO 14001-certified environmental management system.

Environmental officer
We have a dedicated environmental officer who participates in planning, implementation and monitoring of all our activities to ensure that we are continuously improving our energy and raw material footprint.

Green energy
Our production plants run entirely on renewable energy, using solar systems installed at our Degersheim and Arnegg plants.

Wastewater treatment plant and air filter system
We have our own wastewater treatment plant where we clean the pollutants out of the waste water from our coating process. An air filter system purifies air contaminated during the process of curing the powder coating.

Minor service

Minor repairs and cleaning on the premises by a Lista Office LO technician. Furniture remains on the customer‘s site.


Furniture is collected, dismantled into separate parts, sorted and recycled. Usable furniture is purchased by Lista Office LO or returned as a donation.

Major service

Furniture is collected and taken to the central hub. Individual parts are repaired or replaced and the furniture is returned to the customer in as-new quality.

Fresh Up

Furniture is collected and dismantled into separate parts. Defective parts are replaced; the furniture is re-coated, reassembled and then either returned to the customer or resold.

Lista Office LO does all its production in Switzerland. Our showrooms and authorised retail partners have a close link to our customers and we have short transport paths and low emissions. We also work hard to avoid empty journeys and all our packaging is reusable, made from wood or cardboard.

Raw materials
We take a mindful approach to our raw materials and use products that are as harmless for people and planet as possible.

The core material for our products is one of the most sustainable: steel has no chemical additives, combines superbly with other materials, and is fully recyclable.

The two procedures we use on our surfaces are also environmentally friendly: powder coating and wet coating with solvent-free products.

We obtain materials such as fresh coniferous or deciduous timber, storm-damaged timber and sawmill timber waste from suppliers who are ISO 14001 certified, members of the WWF Wood Group and apply the FSC label.

We use primarily POM or polyamide for our plastic components. Other small parts are made from polypropylene, ABS or polyethylene.


«We improve our environmental footprint year after year.»

Being ready for the future yields maximised profits.

Being economically sustainable means prioritising long-term success over fast gains.

Investing for the future
Remaining successful in the future is only possible if we take an economically sustainable approach now. That means using products that deliver what they promise. It means making investments today to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. It means a clear commitment to strong partnerships with our customers.

Maintenance-free office furniture
Lista Office LO‘s high-quality steel products pay for themselves many times over: they are maintenance-free, easy to clean, space-saving, durable and have a timeless design.

Extended guarantee
Since we know that our products will be used for many years with no deterioration to quality or functionality, we offer a five-year product warranty ex-works. The manufacturer guarantee applies only for additionally purchased elements such as textiles, lights, glass fixtures and electronic components and software.

Ongoing investment
The business world is in a state of flux. That’s why we invest continuously in our plants – making sure we remain economically sustainable into the future.

Strong partnerships
Our subsidiaries and authorised retail partners throughout Switzerland form the basis of optimised networking and collaboration between our customers, production and sales.

10 Points for the Future

At Lista Office LO, taking a responsible attitude towards people and the environment has tradition. Our positive environmental balance manifests itself in the long life cycle of our products, the recyclability of steel and the manufacturing process, which is based on systematic environmental management according to ISO 14001.

  • 01 Durability

    Since it was founded in 1945 Lista Office LO has displayed far-sightedness with respect to customers, employees and partners. Our office furniture systems are also created to function outstandingly for decades.

  • 02 Lasting Design

    High ecological and social standards are a mark of our product design. Material and design are chosen in such a way that neither people nor the environment suffer a detrimental effect in the long term.

    LO products are designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. This qualifies Lista Office LO for möbelschweiz’s “création suisse” label, which celebrates the high quality and exceptional creative potential of Swiss design.

  • 03 Materials

    Office furniture systems that are fit for the future are made from high-quality and durable materials: from recyclable steel and renewable wood, 30 per cent of which are reused.

  • 04 Processing

    We use two environmentally friendly processes to apply paint to our products: powder coating and wet painting with solvent-free paint. These high standards minimise waste and emissions – for the sake of people and planet.

  • 05 Energy

    We have been keeping energy statistics since 1973. We improve energy and raw material consumption year on year and use the resources we buy economically and efficiently.

  • 06 Recycling

    We use the valuable raw materials of steel, wood and aluminium carefully – through material-saving designs and average product lives of over 20 years. More than 85 per cent of our materials are recyclable.

  • 07 Transport

    Because we manufacture our products exclusively in Switzerland we are able to keep transportation distances down. This minimises the emission of air pollutants. In addition we reuse our packaging materials – wood and cardboard.

  • 08 Employees

    As a family business Lista Office LO places great importance on creating and maintaining good jobs in Switzerland, and naturally at the same time providing modern conditions of employment and excellent standards of safety.

  • 09 Community

    Lista Office LO considers itself part of the community and so we assume responsibilities that extend beyond the company: with local commitments, sponsorship and the “Fredy and Regula Lienhard Foundation”.

  • 10 Certification

    Lista Office LO has a system in place for sustainable thinking and action: environmental management is certified to ISO 14001, we are a member of the Swiss Energy Agency for Industry to reduce CO2 and we incorporate all aspects of sustainability in Total Quality Management.

    Product guarantee

    Lista Office LO products are distinguished by their high durability with no loss of quality or functional degradation. That’s why we’re able to offer our customers a five-year product guarantee from delivery ex works (excluding bought-in parts).

    Quality management

    All Lista Office LO processes are certified to ISO 9001. Delivery quality is assessed monthly and the success of our procedures is continuously monitored.

    Environmental management

    Certification to ISO 14001 guarantees that all the materials we use are environmentally friendly and processed in an ecologically sound manner. We also have a code of social responsibility and ethics.


    Lista Office LO participates in the EnAW’s climate protection programme, which reduces CO2 emissions and improves energy efficiency.

    GS safety certification

    Most LO products bear the globally recognised GS mark, which guarantees high quality and safety in compliance with internationally valid standards. GS is Europe’s only legally regulated product safety certification mark.